Handling The Inconvenience Caused By a Flight Delay

If there is one thing that can ruin your travel plans during the holiday season, it is a flight delay or cancellation. Owing to the holiday season rush and over booking, the number of flights travelling in and out of the UK goes up significantly. This increase, combined with severe weather conditions, can lead to flight delays and cancellations, causing major inconvenience to the passengers.

Know Your Rights

The airline you have booked with is responsible to inform you about the delays or possible delays in flight departures. EU regulations require airline operators to offer necessary compensation to you if the flight is overbooked, cancelled or if you are denied boarding for some reason. That is not all. You are also entitled for compensation when flight delay for over 3 hours. The airline may be able to refund your money but not your time, and you have a right to claim compensation for time lost due to no fault of yours.

Compensation for Flight Delay

According to the latest EU regulations, you are entitled to a monetary compensation from all flights into and out of EU, in case of a delay of more than three hours. The amount of compensation may also depend on the number of hours delayed and the total distance you were to travel by flight. The possibility of flight delay is higher during the holiday season, mostly due to overbooking, shortage of cabin crew or mechanical problems. In any case, if the delay is avoidable, that is to say it was not due to natural circumstances like extremely poor weather conditions, you are entitled to a compensation of at least £200 for up to 1500 km and up to £490 for over 3500 km.

Law Applicable to Flights Departing From UK Airports

It is important to know that the inconvenience caused to you by flight delay, regardless of the airline company, entitles you for compensation as long as the departure is from an EU airport. So any delay of a flight scheduled to depart from a UK airport is also covered by the EU law. Besides compensation, the airline company also has a responsibility to offer necessary assistance to its guests.

What to Expect from Airline Company in Case of delay?

For longer flight delays, the airline company has to offer not just compensation, but also arrange for the passenger’s accommodation and food. The airline should inform the passengers about the estimated delay time and do what it can to minimize the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the delay. Also, if the flight delay has been extended into cancellation, the airline should book you on the next available flight and ensure you reach your destination safely.
Even in case of a delay, the airline should accept request for placing the passengers on another flight in exceptional cases. Should the airline refuse to offer accommodation and food when it is bound to do so by law, passengers can take legal action against it.