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Driving your car to drop your kids of at school can seem to be a big liability, especially when you need to come back home in a hurry and get ready for your day. At times you run for your life to attend that important meeting in your office. Your professional life can take a 180 degree turn simply because of the personal responsibilities that you need to handle on a daily basis.

However, the about to be launched Google Self-driving car can actually bring hope to your life. An answer to your prayer, it can ease a lot of problems. According to a report in Los Angeles Times dated 13th June 2014, a group of consumers wishes that the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles slow down Google in the manufacturing of cars without drivers. They insist on adequate testing before launching the product. People are hesitant on its launch as they are in two minds about its working and safety issues.

However, to keep the tensed minds at rest, the state agency has come up with a set of regulations for testing of the vehicle. First and foremost is the usage of trained drivers for testing the vehicles. In case the car’s functioning goes haywire, a trained professional can take control of the situation and prevent accidents or mishaps. For this purpose, manufacturers provide insurance or surety of $5 million.

As per some reputable non-profit organizations, this vehicle will take more than a year before it is made available to the public. Its testing will involve around a year of test driving and may require half a year for the analysis of test results.

Even Google said that it has designed two-seater cars and plans to build and test 200 cars before launch. As per the company’s blog, the idea behind this creation was a car that can shoulder the responsibilities of a driver and move to the desired location with a single button push. The company also intends to develop software for this purpose that will only enhance the experience. The test cars will have manual controls but the cars for the public will only have the automatic controls.

Use of salvage vehicles during the testing phase

Have you ever thought of such a concept? Salvage vehicles are used to simulate realistic accident scenarios. Be it for a crash test or as a training tool, the vehicles are widely used.

Salvage auctions allows buyers to purchase a range of cars at an affordable price. Some reputable online auctions are held which give buyers a chance to place bids from anywhere. With a little security deposit, one can bid on the vehicle of their choice.

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