Happiness Experiment from Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness

The Happiness Experiment in Conscious Awareness

What is happiness, anyway?

First, take a good inside look at what you’re feeling, right now. It sounds easy, but most of us are so used the fast-paced wash of emotions flooding through us, isolating a feeling takes effort.

Where are you emotionally? Probably not a hundred percent anywhere, but take your strongest feeling, irritation, anticipation, whatever, for the moment.

Now, let’s adjust it to something else.

Of course, you can.

Conscious Awareness of Happiness

No value in being precious about emotional purity. In You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, Bob Dylan sang about giving himself “…a good talking to,” and you can get used to doing the same thing. Circumstances influence but never control the feelings we decide to go with.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

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Emotions, except the most immediate and raw, are voluntary.

Now that you’ve fixed on one emotion, doesn’t matter what it is, ratchet yourself downward. Think about something that puts you in a position in which you feel powerless, struggling with debts, an imperious boss, an indifferent spouse.

Powerlessness is the worst feeling of all for me, but momentarily take yourself there anyway. Stay alert.

Unless you get off on masochism, don’t linger, but now, do one simple thing: smile.

French Cartoon of Diving Lady, Now Smile
French Cartoon of Diving Lady, Now Smile

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Conscious Awareness and Happiness, Simple As A Smile

Smile wide and full. Be loose with it. There’s no danger. You’ll feel a stream of joy gather and well up. The stream is always there, waiting to be tapped.

Lay that carefully down in memory. You’re going to find it oddly easy to recall the details, oddly because it’s a discovery to understand how mechanical all that is and how much you’re a master operator. You won’t forget.

Finish the experiment, over a few days or a week, by randomly repeating it, whenever you get the urge.

You’ll find yourself most tempted when you stumble into the dumps, as we all do, but try it when you’re feeling good too, just to show your muscle.

My money says you’ll be shocked when you find that it works every time. You really are in charge. An intentional smile draws light from everything and scoops it into something that feels like a flow. It feels damn good when it starts pouring in through you.

But feel good philosophies and tricks are everywhere. Google “happiness” and watch the floodgates open. What have you learned?

You’ve learned that your emotions are gathered in a vast internal reservoir, and you decide when, where and what to draw out. True, you have to always have one or more, but emotions don’t toss themselves in your lap.

You weren’t aware of it before is because you were idling on autopilot, following conservative tradition.

Suppose your at the wheel of a powerful, high performance car, wheeling like mad down the autobahn of your dreams. With no steering wheel. And never a tune up. No seat belt.

Car on a Road at Night, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Car on a Road at Night, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Panoramic Images…
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Conscious Awareness At The Wheel In Your Happiness Experiment

That would be your emotional life until now.

But not anymore.

David Stone

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