Happy marriage advice

How to bring happiness in a relationship

Marriage is a bond shared by two people based on love, trust, respect and understanding between each other. It is a relationship that ties up two hearts and two souls together and makes them spend their lives with each other for a lifetime. A marital life is made up with small little moments that bring the true happiness in a relationship. An ever-lasting and happy marriage is possible if couples do not forget certain things and can overcome some rigidities like:

Divorce is Never an Option

Relationships are bound to breed fightings, misunderstandings and disagreements but that does not mean getting separated. Divorce can never be a solution. Couples must not think about the very idea of ‘divorce’ as once the attention goes there energy will tend to flow there. Understanding each other’s problem can bring in a better resolution. So neither before nor after the marriage the thought of divorce should come into consideration.

Learn to Open Up

Suppressed resentment often turns out to be misplaced aggression. Unexpressed frustration and grudge lead to communication gap and can create a huge distance that becomes impossible to cross for any of the two. So for the sake of the relationship both the husband and wife should open up to each other to let everything be smooth and easygoing.

Perfect Marriage is a Myth

There is nothing called “perfect marriage” but a happy marriage which consists of perfect moments. Some small things make huge difference and they really count like holding hands, tender touch, a sweet kiss or softly throwing hands on the partner’s shoulder. People make moments special by suddenly surprising their spouses with gifts that may not be always expensive but thoughtful and sweet enough to express their love.

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Learn to Respect

Respecting each other is the basis of a good marriage.Love can not happen without respect. Love comes with trust, respect and honesty and lack of respect leads to criticizing each other in front of the family members and friends. Disrecpect for his or her spouse makes a relation unstable. One of the secrets of an everlasting marriage is the respect one bears for his or her partner.

Be Realistic in Expecting from Each Other

Everybody should be realistic in their expectation from the other. No man or woman should expect the opposite one to understand and read her/his mind and thought even if he or she does not communicate. Nobody is attributed with heavenly power and that should be logically perceived by everyone.Both the partners are needed to be equally communicative sharing their triumph and troubles with each other and expecting in a rational way.

Spend Time Together

Spending time together is the key for bringing happiness in a marital life.Couples spend time with friends and families but this is meant exclusively for themselves.This time is termed as ‘quantity quality time’spent together for sharing love,emotion,trust,naughtiness,stupid fights and having funs.

Forgive and Apologize

Quality of forgiving as well as sincerely apologizing for mistakes paves the way of reconciliation and peace. Sometimes people should forgive and apologize just to put an end to the fighting or misunderstanding just because they treasure and value the relationships more than their ego. So both the husband and wife should be quick enough to forgive and apologize the other putting aside their ego.

It’s All about Giving

Marriage is a bond of love and love is all about giving which goes for both the partners. People think it’s 50-50 but it’s always 100-100 from the both part. If both of them give their fullest and love each other selflessly with their fullest passion without the term ‘me’ there will be no complaint, no regret and no incompleteness as both of them find completeness in each other and complement each other forever.

Think as One Unit

If people do not consider themselves to be separate entities and instead they start thinking together like one single unit and share and support each other the sorrows will be halved and happiness will be doubled.This is nothing but mutual trust that makes it easier to take decision together.

Keep Dating Each Other

Even after marriage dating makes it more romantic if a couple goes for a long drive or a candle-light dinner or a long romantic beach-walk holding each other’s hand in a silent night. All these intensify the depth of love and makes the flame of love burning forever.