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Hard and ductile nickel alloy tube

Nickel is known as a chemical element or a lustrous metal with silvery-white color. This metal is hard and ductile due to which it is used to manufacture pipes, tubes and other equipments. Nickel alloys are manufactured from nickel and are strong in structure. Furthermore, these alloys are used for manufacturing a number of tubing products in varied specifications that are able to provide excellent resistance against corrosion in high temperature applications. A number of suppliers are there to supply best quality range of nickel alloy tube with excellent ductile properties. Therefore, an anti-corrosive variety of tubes made from nickel alloy is designed to manufacture different elements. Application in various industries, it is easy to weld these tubes available with an ease of electroplate them.

Ideal for several high pressure and high temperature applications, they have an ability to maintain the higher metallurgical stability. Furthermore, these are highly known for their oxidation resistance and you can purchase them in standard as well as customized specifications. They are also perfect to produce a quality assured range of desalination elements. The tubes provide excellent mechanical properties, when the temperature of the room is subzero. In addition, these are solid solution products that are hardened only in the cold working and are available with excellent toughness. These are cheap and best solutions for various applications in commercial and industrial sectors. The tubes are provided with a range of WT from 0.5mm ~ 15mm and the OD ranging from 6mm ~ 114mm.

The nickel alloy tubes are suitable for heating element sheathing, heat treatment furnace, nuclear reactor components, rupture at high temperature, equipment production, acid production and manufacturing hydrochloric acid equipment in many industries including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, medical, food processing, aerospace, oil and gas processing, biotechnology and nuclear. In the extraction programs of oil and gas industries, these products are able to work with air craft systems and heat exchangers. They can also be used for the Sea-water exchanger and evaporator and seamless water pipes. You can find them in a particular or in customized specifications.

In order to fulfill all the requirements of the users, these equipments are available in round or rectangular shapes in the market with light weight. With rugged construction, the tubes are tested with certified testing equipments to offer optimum performance to the user with high standards of quality. With high density, the tubes are manufactured with accurate and excellent composition of chemicals that make them resistant to hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric and nitric acid, salt water and chloride reduction stress. Moreover, the tubes come as cost effective products for performing various tasks in a reliable and efficient manner.

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