Hard Mounted Vs Throw Over Motorcycle Saddlebags

Everyone remembers the day when they buy their own vehicle, whether it is a cycle or motorcycle. And also the saddle bag in which they keep all their necessary items. You can use your saddle bags in variety of ways. It is better to store your items in saddle bags because your cloth pockets cannot keep everything. And it is also safe to keep things in your saddle bag when your motor cycle ride is long. There are two types of saddle bags, hard mounted and throw over saddle bags.

Hard Mounted Saddlebags

If you want a long lasting, secure, and stable saddle bags, then you should go for hard mounted motorcycle saddlebags. In past there was a motorcyclist group, they tried a new thing. They made several holes in the fenders which is a place who protects the part of the motorcycle, to place their saddle bags therein. This way they prevented their bags from flying off from their motorcycles. This idea became a great hit.

This idea was a huge success. Many manufacturers began to make the saddle bags which affix or framed with the motor cycle .In this way there will be no need to drill and make holes in the motor cycle. Now when you buy a motor cycle it has hard mounted saddle bags affix. You can also add it yourself if you find it costly.

You can use hard leather or soft leather in saddle bags .Soft leather is good and hard leather is also good if you need high protection. Choosing the type of leather is purely the choice of motorcyclist.

Throw Over Motorcycle Saddlebags

If you don’t want to make changes in your motor cycle then you can use a throw over saddle bags. You just have to attach it with a string to hold them on.

Some people think that it is very annoying to use this kind of saddle bags. But if you don’t want to make any changes in your motorcycle then it is the best way to use the throw over motorcycle saddlebags. You can remove it whenever you want.

It is your choice to decide which type of saddle bag is right for you. If you want permanent saddle bag then you should go for hard mounted saddle bag .But if you want a temporary saddle bag then you should go for throw over saddle bag.