Harmar Stair Lifts for a Barrier-free Home

Stair lifts can take you safely up and down stairs. Leading manufacturers offer models for both the indoors and outdoors. They can be easily operated by the user and come with advanced safety features and technical specifications. Some brands such as Harmar offer lifts that are specifically designed to improve the accessibility of seniors and the disabled. The company offers a comprehensive array of lifts to fit any stair case. The RP350 Alpine II Standard Stairlift is one of its unique models.

RP350 Alpine II – Top Features

Featuring a quiet drive system with soft start and stop, this device moves the rider effortlessly between the floors. A bolt-mounted end-cap prevents time-consuming overruns.

With a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, this lift runs at a speed of 19 fpm. The device can be easily mounted to the steps or walls. RP350 Alpine II is equipped with a wide range of advanced safety devices such as seat belt, footrest obstruction switch, limit switches, swivel seat constant pressure controls and final limit switch. Some of the other prominent features of this device include –

• Upholstered seat and armrest
• Travel – 16′ Standard; 32′ Maximum (9.8m)
• Track (Rail) type – Extruded aluminum natural finish
• Service-friendly, two-piece chassis cover design
• Seat depth – 14.5′ (36.8 cm)
• Operation power – 24 VDC Battery/AC
• Minimum foot rest height –8.25′ (20.5cm)
• Minimum folded width -15.25′ (38.7 cm)
• Integrated control in armrest
• Includes two wireless remote controls
• Folding footrest
• Electrical requirements – 100V – 240V AC
• Easy access to manual back-up
• DC Drive even runs during power interruptions
• Average number of return trips per charge – 10-20
• Aesthetic track, finished floor mounts, and integrated charging base

This lift is delivered pre-mounted onto a 19′ track section for simpler and faster installation.

Stair lifts Help Seniors stay in Their Own Homes

Many surveys reveal that older adults would like to stay in their own homes. However, as people grow older, they have difficulties negotiating the different areas of their home. They often face the risk of slips and falls due to hazards such as slippery surfaces, poor lighting, loose carpeting, and staircases. The key to helping the elderly stay in their own homes is improving home safety and keeping them independent. Experts point out that simple changes in living spaces and daily strategies can keep older adults out of nursing facilities for a long time, saving the family and the nation millions of dollars. One modification that can be easily implemented in a multistoried home is setting up a stair chair lift like the RP350 Alpine II. Purchase from a reliable supplier of mobility devices will ensure quick installation and efficient maintenance support.