Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts – Safe and Convenient Solution for Deck or Porch Access

A vertical platform lift (VPL) provides wheelchair users with efficient access to a raised deck and porch and between floors. The device helps those with mobility challenges to overcome accessibility barriers in residences as well as places of work. Modern VPLs are equipped with advanced features and specifications. Industry leader Harmar offers vertical platform lifts for both residential and commercial applications. These devices are safe, comfortable and economical solutions for large elevation differences when stairs are not a viable option.

Harmar’s Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to meet ANSI/ASME A18.1 Performance Safety Standards. Featuring a unique design, the devices are integrated with a wide range of safety features such as non-skid surface, auto folding ramp, safety pan, final limit, emergency stop button, belt monitor and ball nut safety backup. Weather–resistant design makes some of these lifts suitable for outdoor use.

Top Models of Harmar’s Vertical Platform Lifts

• RPL (residential) – Featuring a rated load capacity of 600lbs (272 kg), this lift travels at a maximum speed of 10 fpm. It includes a non-skid 36′ x 48′ solid platform for added safety. A top mounted motor and electrical box simplifies servicing and ensures protection from standing water. RPL is integrated with a wide range of safety features such as safety pan, final limit, Acme safety nut with monitor and nonskid surface.

• CPL (commercial) – Integrated with higher loading capacity of 750 lbs, the CPL comes with a non-skid 36′ x 54’solid straight-through platform for added safety. Safety sensors fitted on bottom of platform immediately stop operation when it meets any kind of obstructions. Other features include – solid 42′ high guard panels, stationary access ramp, platform and landing gate and manual lowering option.

• EPL (enclosed) – Built to exacting VPL standards with powder-coated steel enclosure panels, this lift provides vertical access indoors or outdoors, with up to a 14’ rise. With a rated load capacity of 750 lbs, the EPL travels at a maximum speed of 10 fpm with up to 3 stops. A fixed or pit-mounted ramp provides easy entry when the lift is lowered and additional stability when the lift is raised.

• CPL 400P (portable) – Built with a total loading capacity of 750 lbs, this portable system is an ideal option for use in schools, theaters and churches. It features a non-skid platform with folding ramp. Safety sensors automatically stop the lift operation if it meets any obstructions.

• TG 400 (Toe guard commercial) – As a self-contained unit, this ADA-compliant device is ideal where major construction is not possible. Featuring a lifting height of 53′, this model does not require a separate hoistway. Safety features include – final limit, ball nut safety backup, non-skid surface and RDI interlock or flush strike.

• CPL800H-1400H Hydraulic CPL with Modular Tower – This model comes with a hydraulic drive system that ensures smooth and quiet operation. Automatic over/under correction ensures transition even from platform to landing. Other options include – key switch, auto-folding ramp, 90-degree platform, enter/exit same side and platform gate.

Partner with a Reliable Dealer

Partnering with a reliable dealer supplying Harmar’s Vertical Platform lifts would ensure competitive pricing. An established dealer will provide free site assessment as well as customized installation by factory-trained professionals. They will also assure efficient installation, inspection and repair and maintenance solutions.