Harvey Nichols Espresso Bar in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds

Location: The Victoria Quarter, Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6AZ.

Harvey Nichols’ Espresso Bar is not located inside Harvey Nichols itself, but is instead inside one of the arcades in the Victoria Quarter. The bar itself is next to the entrance into the store from the arcade on the north side. The arcade can be reached from Vicar Lane and the pedestrianised Briggate, as well as from other arcades in the Victoria Quarter.

The Victoria Quarter is a group of interconnected covered arcades, with stained glass roofs and a variety of shops. The Espresso Bar is a pavement cafe in the middle of one of the arcades. Although this arcade has doors at both the eastern and western ends, not all of them do, and the doors are only single doors, so drafts are possible. The bar has screens around the sides, and patio heaters amongst the tables, so it usually is comfortable even if the weather is chilly outside.

The bar is open from 10AM, with the closing time varying depending on the day of the week, ranging between 5PM to 8PM.

There are a number of menus available, including breakfast and Sunday menus, as well as daily menus. The food is predominately light lunches, sandwiches, afternoon tea, snacks and cakes, although some more substantial dishes are available depending on when it is visited. There are also a wide range of teas, coffees, soft drinks, wines, champagnes and cocktails. The food is prepared in the fourth floor restaurant and cafe inside Harvey Nichols.

The place was visited on a Saturday afternoon, and was quite busy. It was necessary to queue to wait for a table, which is not uncommon. The bar has table service, so once you have a seat you don’t need to leave the table.

This was visited just for afternoon tea. What was ordered was a home made scone, which came with a pat of butter, cream and a small jar of blackberry jam, although there were other types available, a large Coca-Cola, which was a 330ml bottle, and a latte.

A 10% discretionary service charge is included on the bill, and you will be charged it unless you ask otherwise. The total for the order was £10.78 including service charge.

Although the food and drinks were nice, and it was pleasant place to dine, this is not by any means a cheap place to dine. What was ordered was some of the cheaper items on the menu. If you order more or bigger dishes, expect to pay quite a bit. 2.5/5.