Has Bosch created woodworking’s best miter saw??


Woodworkers of the world celebrate!!! If you have ever used a miter saw for cutting molding, boards, or any compound cuts, then you know, accuracy is a must. The Bosch GCM12SD miter saw sets a new standard in accuracy and ease of use. Saws for years have used a rail system to slide the motor and blade front to back. With any brand saw you will have some movement from side to side and this will affect accuracy. The GCM12SD has changed that.

Bosch has outfitted this saw with an articulated arm in place of the rails. The arm has bearings in it making the saw solid with little movement. And the people at Bosch knew enough to leave what works alone. Their features such as forward controls (meaning you can make adjustments to angles on the front of the saw) are still on this model. Just check out the features!

· Articulated arm

· Sturdy frame

· Good dust collection

· Forward controls

· Extendable sides ( for longer pieces of wood)

· High back fence

· Dual bevel adjustment

· 12 inch blade

Wait! Did you say dust collection? On a miter saw? Yep! And it works. All miter saws sling dust. But Two brands have come up with decent (not perfect) dust collection. Bosch and Festool. Festool (a great maker of high end tools) has good dust collection, but is several hundred dollars more than the Bosch!! While the saw comes with a dust bag, I recommend connecting a hose from the rear port to your favorite shop vac or dust collector. The suction will help clean up as much of the chips and dust as possible. But

Outfit this saw with a folding stand and you can make quick accurate cuts on the jobsite. Mount it in your shop on a long bench and you have a daily workhorse. Or put it in the closet till you need it and the get it out. But I’m willing to bet once you’ve seen the saws capabilities you will be hard pressed to put it away anytime soon.