Has CareerBuilder Turned Into a Spam Site?

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Hunted for a job lately? If so, it’s likely that you have been to one of the biggest job boards on the web, CareerBuilder.

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CareerBuilder has been around since the mid-90s, and my personal experience has always been a positive one. In fact, CareerBuilder has been responsible for at least 2 jobs I have had in my career, and I’m grateful for those opportunities. Now, I find myself in a job search once again, and I can’t believe how much the site has changed!

The first major complaint I have about the site involve the popups (or ‘pop-unders’, as they are hilariously called). Every time, and I mean EVERY time, I hit the back button on my browser to go from a job description back to my main search, the pop-up shows up. And every single time it is for the University of Phoenix. If it only occured a few times, that would be a minor annoyance, but every single time renders the site almost unuseable.

A similar occurance happens whenever I log in. After I log in, I immediately get a page advertising an online university for me to join. The two most annoying things about this page (other than the fact that it shows up EVERY SINGLE TIME I log in, even if it’s more than once a day!), is 1) The ‘No Thanks’ button is very small and I always have to look for it, and 2) my personal information is already pre-filled in the form. It is unnerving to see my home address, phone number, and email address conveniently entered for me. If I accidentally hit the wrong button, these folks will think that I actually want to hear from them!

Another complaint I have is the number of MLM and work-at-home ‘opportunites’ that show up in my job search that have absolutely nothing to do with my position. They are so cleverly disguised that I have clicked on more than a few of them, only to find myself on landing pages of get-rich-quick schemes.

I understand if CareerBuilder needs to pay the bills or wants to have the highest profit margin possible. I get that. I don’t even mind seeing advertisements from reputable companies, because I do consider their ads reputable. But it is such overkill to the point that I want to remove my profile. I haven’t even mentioned the number of ads that drown out the few legitimate job postings that turn up in my search. If CareerBuilder continues this trend, they may find themselves out of a job!

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Has CareerBuilder Turned Into a Spam Site?, Seekyt
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