Have Healthy Family

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Everyone is willing to do everything just to enjoy a healthy life. You can enjoy hanging with your friends outside, singing your favorite song and doing the normal things you always do when you are in good condition. You can also do extra work to make money for your family or assist your neighbor to unload her heavy things in the backyard.

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A healthy life can only be achieved and maintain using three things. These three things are not difficult to do. You only have to eat balance diet with proper nutrition, exercise and have a healthy life style. Food is the most important thing to be considered in order to achieve a well-balanced nutrition. Foods are also the most neglected element taken for granted by some of us. You might be in your home right now. See what’s in your kitchen. That you can best prepare for your family as you realized now that, it’s been long time ago you shared for a good dinner. Get your recipe book and ask your beloved daughter to assist you. You can start washing your hands and wear your hair net as you finished putting the apron in your body. Get the utensils, knives, chopping boards and other needed tools in your kitchen cabinet.

Wear your cooking mask and keep your hands clean while preparing the special food you and your family will share for a dinner. You have only thirty minutes to do it so make things organized and make sure all your needed ingredients are there. Call your daughter to prepare the kitchen wares and help you slice the other ingredients like vegetables and veg meat. After everything is prepared, you may start cooking and let your daughter set the table in the dining room. Be quick but make the best taste of the food you are cooking. Don’t be in a hurry to cook that it will become half cooked or because of too much fire, it’s overcooked. Just have presence of mind and plan the best topic after the family got dinner.

Probably, you can talk with them about foods. The three basic food groups such as go, grow or glow foods. Tell them that go foods like the rice they eat and the bread they had that they are examples of go foods. These go foods gave then a sustainable heat and energy which made them do the things they regularly do and they never get easily cold when winter because these foods. Another food groups that you can explain to them are grow foods and glow foods. They will be glad to know that grow foods such as milk, eggs, meat and good for their bones and teeth. That’s why they grow fast and healthy. While the glow foods such as vegetables and fruits made them more glowing and refreshing because of the presence of vitamins and minerals they get from it. See? That way you catch the interest of your children on the foods that they eat. For sure, you can make them eat nutritious foods especially vegetables which previously they hate. You will be glad that starting today, everyone will become cautious in the food they eat. Your daughter who is beauty conscious will soon prefer to eat more vegetables and fruits. She will become fascinated with the natural and whole foods that you yourself become used to eat.

It’s a rewarding joy and fulfillment for a mom like you who brought up your children to become health conscious and physically fit persons. Much to your happiness, they seldom got sick so no more expenses in medication.

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