How to Have Regular Bowel Movements and Relax

regular bowel movement

I am going to discuss the ways to have regular bowel movements daily, and to have fun doing it, and at the same time, avoid constipation and other potential health problems. Don’t be shy. We all know that it’s a life necessity and we should also know that it’s important to both our comfort and our healthy disposition. A great bowel movement can take away your stress and help you relax with out that full or stuffed up feeling.

Don’t Spend the Holidays in the Bathroom When You can Have a Fun and Healthy Regular Bowel Movement and Enjoy Time with Family

If you don’t have a regular bowel movement, you are likely to have other health conditions. Constipation can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients causing other health conditions and a weakened immune system. Being informed about how to have regular bowel movements can help you be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


More Poop and Less Toxins

We do have a habit of eating different kinds of stuff daily. But remember a fact. Everything that we eat gets digested and excretion takes place. Hence we get energy from the intake of food in various formats. We also get the toxic substances accumulated in our body. These toxic substances if not eliminated properly can cause many problems resulting in acne and others. So, in order to get rid of such problems we have to get free motions daily. This makes all those toxic materials get outside our body. Here are some methods through which you can do this:

Immediately after waking up early in the morning drink at least 4 cups of water. Drinking a few cups of water to start your day may help train your body to have a regular bowel movement. So initially start with less quantity and then increment it yourself. Follow the same and make this as a habit.

Drink Water and Let Your Bowel Movements Flow with Ease

Drinking water always in the rest of the day is somewhat difficult. Hence you can substitute it for alternatives like water melon and others. These contain water as the major portion. You can also take fresh fruit juices.

Regular intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables helps us in solving this and many other problems.

After eating walk for a small distance and then eat 2 bananas. Bananas are a great medicine for proper digestion.