Have You Ever Been Home During a Break In?

We have all watched the terrifying movies about burglars that break into your home when family is sleeping and these movies give us shivers. The chances of a home break in is high especially if you do not have home security system.  You may think that your home is safe and that it will never be burglarized. But a burglar could be watching your home and what would you do if you were  during a break in?

night-499986_640A few years back I was in this situation. My husband was at work and the break in occurred during the daylight hours. I was in the office with the door closed. My dogs were lying by my feet and I heard the side door open. At first I thought it was my husband so I thought nothing of it, kept writing my article. Then I heard my cats hiss, and sounds of things falling to the floor. My two dogs got up and stood by the office door, they both growled but did not bark. At that moment I knew that my house had been broken into and that I was in danger.

The first thing that I did was call 911 to report the break in. The police told me to stay were I was, to hide if possible that they were dispatching the police to my home. But no sooner than I set my phone down my office door was opened and there stood a masked man with a crowbar. The burglar did not have time to react because my dogs were on him. My one dog had the burglar by his throat and when he went to hit my dog with the crowbar my other dog grabbed his arm and held this man down to the ground.  I warned the burglar to not move because it would only make my dog tighten his hold on him.

Know that if there was another burglar in my home I would have been out numbered. I got the crowbar away from the masked man and my dogs held him firmly to the ground until the police arrived. The police officer told me that there were many neighborhood break-ins and they were glad that they could make the arrest.

This experience taught me to be more aware of what is going on. I got together with my neighbors and we all agreed to watch out for each other. If we see anything out of the ordinary we call the police.

Since the home break-in I have a plan and if this should occur again I will set off the alarm to my car, call 911, hide or escape my house through the back door or window.  What would you do if your home was broken into when you were home alone?