Have YOU Talked About God Today?

Have YOU Talked About God Today?

Reviewed By: Kay Spann Byrd on January 10, 2014

Product Attributes

Very positive. Short and to the point. Easy to follow instructions, and recommendations provided. Excellent font type and size for easy reading. Price: Hardcover – $23.95; Softcopy – 11.95; E-book – $3.99. Book is available on westbowpress.com, amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Great Insight and teaching tool!!

Have YOU Talked About God Today?

  • ? TEACHES the importance of learning about God so that our discussions about Him are intelligent.
  • ? OUTLINES simple applications that focus on how to use speech to uplift the spirit.
  • ? INCREASES AWARENESS that you can accomplish positive greatness through a medium that is utterly common to them—your tongue.
  • ? PROVIDES self-help methods for talking and,
  • RECOMMENDS reading and praying patterns.

Great book for Reading Clubs, Bible Study and individual growth!!!

The audience for this book is multi-targeted – pastors, ministry professionals, ministry students, Bible Study leaders and teachers, motivational ministry speakers, believers and non-believers of all ages, hospital/nursing home patients, caregivers, compassionate people who have learned the secret to the abundant life, by simply talking, and desperate people who are in search of a way to find it.

An answer to today’s problems!

This book is a great read! Written in plain language that will speak to readers from all walks of life, “Have You Talked about God Today?” promotes the idea that you can accomplish positive change and control your destiny by simply talking.

Get Your Copy Today?

Everyone should have a copy of this book. It helps keeps conversations wholesome and positive. It is a constant reminder of how you are using your gift of talking.


If you are really interested in using your speech in a more positive way and helping others to do the same, then this is the book for you.