He Is Trying To Get Sympathy, From Other People

Ever time I am around my husband, he keeps going to these women, trying to get advice from them , how to get me back,since we are not together any more, I am very happy with my life now and I don’t want to be bothered,Thursday night he had this woman talking to him,and she told him everything will work out,I didn’t say anything, I guess he want me to make comment about, what they were saying the whole even I said nothing, when my husband is around, I have nothing to say to him or anyone else because, I know it’s going to cause trouble, so the best thing for me to do is, say nothing at all and everything will go along nice, since every one told me to be nice, that is your husband, I know all of this I am being nice I have nothing to talk about, and I know by me not saying anything to him, it is really bother him, and as we were going home, my husband made a comment saying he try not to, think about his family, he has to keep himself busy, well he brought all this pain upon himself, now he has to deal with it, now he know what it’s like to be lonely, and not to have the other person there with you, and you are there sitting alone, worry your self about a marriage, that the other person walked out on, now he should know how I felt, all those years, after he left me and i had to raise his son all by myself, and I had to work to, so now it’s his turn have to wait, how long it will be, well I don’t have the answer to that not at all, my husband will have to go through, a whole lot of waiting just like I did all those many years, nothing is going to happen for him right away, I don’t care what these women are telling him, and he can believe everything that is told to him, I will not make a move, and I already explain my situation to these people, but they still think I am wrong, well let them think what they want,I will not do things because they want me to, sorry they will be disappointed, now he know what it feel like to be without.