Healing Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel – Skin and Stomach

Heal your skin naturally with aloe vera gel. The inner gel of the aloe has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties are effective in treating skin conditions; wounds, burns and skin infection and irritation. The gel found in the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera plant when applied twice a day will also renew your skin by reducing the signs of aging, wrinkles and scars.

You can buy a commercial grade aloe vera gel or you can buy a nursery grown plant and harvest the inner gel from a leaf. The leaf will provide you with the purest gel that has the greatest healing properties.



Making Aloe Vera Skin Treatment

Harvest the aloe vera gel by cutting a leaf from the base of your plant. Choose a leaf that is plump as it will provide you with more gel. Use a sharp knife to cut around the leaf. Open the leaf and extract the inner gel by cutting it away from the aloe vera skin. Put the aloe vera and into a blender. Blend the aloe vera until it is liquid. The substance will be white and frothy. Pour the liquid into an air tight container and refrigerator overnight. The aloe vera has a mucus texture and is clear in color with a slight green tint.

Heal Skin with Aloe Vera

Heal skin by applying a thin layer of the gel from the inner leaf of the aloe vera. Aloe has a natural substance called salicylates. Aloe healing gels an effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief treatment.

Treat acne scaring and irritation with aloe vera by applying the gel of the inner leaf to your irritated or scared skin. Aloe Vera will calm stressed skin, fade scars and diminish the red appearance. Use this application in the morning and at night.

Stop the aging process and speed up the collagen formation in skin cells with aloe vera. When used as a daily moisturizer for face and body. Aloe Vera will leave your skin radiant. You will also notice improved texture, even tone and elasticity. Aloe will rejuvenate your skin so that it looks and feels young again.


Heal Stomach with Aloe Vera

Another way to heal with aloe vera is to treat stomach ailments; gas, bloating, heartburn or constipation. Mix one teaspoon of aloe liquid concentrate in 6 oz glass of filtered water and drink before each meal. The aloe vera helps to calm, heal and allows you to have normal bowel activity. Aloe vera will strengthen your immune system and help your body to fight off infection. Before beginning this treatment consult your physician to make sure that the aloe is the right remedy for you and will not interact with other medicines.

Tips & Warnings

Aloe Vera relieves inflammation due to insect bites and stops the itch.

The raw gel is soothing when applied to burned skin. Raw aloe is soothing, and it will feel cool against your skin. You can reapply the aloe treatment as needed.

Do a skin test before using to check for allergies.

If you are allergic to garlic, onions or tulips, you should refrain from using Aloe Vera.

An external reaction to Aloe would be hives or rash. Should this occur, stop using the product.

Store any leftover Aloe Vera gel in an airtight container. Keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.