Health and Safety Signs for the Workplace

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Health and Safety Signs for the Workplace, SeekytNothing is more effective at preventing accidents in the workplace than safety signs.

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When it comes to keeping the workplace safe for everyone, health and safety signs are essential. An effective way of quickly communicating to workers to be aware of their surroundings, their importance cannot be underestimated. It’s therefore vital that the correct legislation is followed.

Employers have to provide a relevant safety sign whenever there is a risk that cannot be avoided or controlled by any other means. The sign should be displayed clearly and in full view of anyone passing through the affected area. The sign must contain a relevant image or symbol, and be of a specified colour and shape that clearly defines its meaning. One of the most important signs in any building are the fire exit signs – without these, in the event if a fire many people will not know how to safely exit a building.

An employer is also responsible for the maintenance of safety signs. A sign should always be kept in good condition, as any damage could impede its meaning. This means that any signs that are faded, altered or broken should be removed immediately and replaced with new ones.

To minimise any risks further, it’s essential that employees fully understand what these signs mean. Workers should have any unfamiliar signs explained to them when they are introduced to the workplace. Doing so will mean that at a glance, employees will be aware of any possible danger and take appropriate precautions.

While health and safety signs may seem like overkill at times, it’s essential that your employees are protected when they are at work. Accidents can be costly for employers, and can result in damage to property and possible legal action. With so much at stake, it makes sense to invest in some safety signs for your workplace.

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Health and Safety Signs for the Workplace, Seekyt
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