Health and Sophistication with Wireless Health

Personal health and wellbeing is one of the primary concerns today. Wireless health development has boosted a new skillful technology in the field of traditional medicine, such as diagnosis, treatment of illness, etc, which is fast and effective also.

The extension of the wireless technology has proved to be boons not only for the city mass but also has lend helpful hands to the patients in remote areas. Hence, it is improving productivity in many ways. Few important of those are:

1. Connectivity: Mobile broadband connectivity has helped in reaching to maximum number of patients in remote areas.

2. Disease Detection: Detection of diseases with latest technologies is possible with an easy convenience. For example, Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT) allows for easy arrythimia detection.

3. Diagnosis: A perfect diagnosis is the key to success for any treatment. Data transmission, like medical images for diagnosis, medical data for diagnosis and disease management, etc, are helpful ways to ensure a well processed treatment in case of necessity. Moreover, low cost sensors and wireless system are helpful in creating a constant vigilant and pervasive monitoring capability at home, office, anywhere necessary. Management systems such as armband, online activity manager, etc, are really fantastic services to check the diagnosed patientsÂ’ activities.

4. Treatment: Treatments with the help of radio waves, laser therapy or photo thermal therapy are very useful nowadays for the elimination of many grave diseases. All these are only possible with the help of wireless technology.

5. Flexibility: There are many types of wireless facilities to improve the healthcare system, such as, Mhealth, Telemedicine, Telehealth, ehealth, etc, which are rendering wonderful services to help in diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease and their risk factors.

The improvement in this field will certainly improve the quality of health hence it is required to give this field a heart of dedication to create opportunities for collaboration of all science to meet the demanding situations in the field of medical science.

Thus, there is a need for a collective effort to enhance the wireless technology to provide the highest kind of quality academic, health and industrial forum to develop an international community for the development of better medical facilities, improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, etc, at a lower cost.

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