Health Benefits from Coconut Oil

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What are the Health Benefits from Coconut Oil?

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As you know coconut oil is one of the most popular oil today but what are the health benefits from coconut oil? Hundreds of scientific studies and experiments were conducted to prove the efficacy of coconut oil as a home remedy in various illnesses and health problems. In addition to that, it was also concluded that it is very beneficial in maintaining a healthy body. Hence, what are the health benefits you can obtain from this oil? This article would give you broader perspective on reasons why you should opt for this oil. Basically, it all lies on its wide range of health benefits.

Moisturizing agent

Coconut oil is the most common component of hair care products ranging from shampoos to hot oil treatments. Furthermore, skin care products use this type of oil as well. The major reason for this is due to its moisturizing effect. It can work wonders to dry hair and skin. In addition to that, this oil has anti-microbial properties that are very effective for both lice and dandruff problems.

Numerous studies also associate coconut oil in promoting hair growth. This is primary due to its ability to go deep inside the hair strands and follicles thus, providing moisture and sufficient nutrients necessary for hair growth.

Strengthens the immune system

Coconut oil is known to strengthen the body’s immune system due to numerous reasons. One in particular is its usefulness in aiding malnutrition. As you know coconut oil is loaded with minerals. Plus, it increases the absorption rate of various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, fat soluble vitamins and vitamin B. Basically, the absorption process is essential to ensure that these nutrients are metabolized by the body for efficacy and not directly eliminated. This simply means that any chemical compound ingested by the human body is not 100% metabolize. A classic example is when you take vitamin C. Even if you take 500 mg per day, only a partial amount of vitamin C is absorbed by the body due to various factors and reasons. The part that is not absorbed goes directly to the elimination process. This will result to vitamin C deficiency or inefficacy.

The immune system is the body’s defense against various contaminants such as microbes. Thus, with strengthened immune system, one can fight commonly acquired illnesses such as flu, colds and cough.
Fat that is good for the heart

Fats are commonly misunderstood. Most people think that fat would always be detrimental to the health. Although coconut oil belongs to the saturated fats category, it is known to be good for the heart. There are evident facts that have proven this to be true. It is known to control blood sugar levels and increases one’s good cholesterol levels. This is actually a benefit for both diabetic patients and those that have heart diseases.


As a natural product of nature coconut oil possesses low risks in regards to its side effects. Aside from that it is a given fact that it is one of the most affordable oil being marketed. With various health benefits from coconut oil including anti-oxidant properties, oil pulling benefits and weight loss effects; it is without a doubt that a daily dose of coconut oil increases one’s lifespan.

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