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Health Benefits of Drinking Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea, often known as the “champagne of teas”, is a black tea that is widely grown in India in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges. The tea has a light, subtle flavor which when brewed, exudes a sweet aroma. Similar to other black tea leaves, Darjeeling tea leaves too undergo a process of extensive preparation and fermentation, before being absolutely ready for consumption. The leaves are loaded with several bioactive compounds that provide significant health benefits to people who enjoy this drink.

Drinking Darjeeling tea is usually considered safe. No particular quantity has yet been determined that can prove beneficial for our health. The tea does contain caffeine but it’s around half the amount found in one cup of coffee. So, consuming large amounts can make sleeping difficult and also lead to feelings of anxiety for some. Therefore, it is advised to limit the intake of caffeine or choose decaffeinated varieties of the tea.

Here are some of the major health benefits offered by Darjeeling tea.

Antioxidant Properties
All teas are rich in antioxidants. But some teas – which are left to ferment during processing – like black Darjeeling teas, are especially rich in several antioxidants such as theaflavins and thearubigins. These beneficial components help counteract harmful elements from our bodies that are normally formed either during exposure to toxic compounds or during the process of digestion. These harmful elements, or free radicals, can do considerable damage to our cellular membranes, adversely affect our DNA and increasing our chances of developing chronic diseases.

Hence, consuming Darjeeling tea on a daily basis can mitigate the development of free radicals in our bodies and keep the foreign entities at bay.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Regularly consuming Darjeeling tea can significantly improve our cardiovascular health. Drinking at least five servings of Darjeeling tea can radically reduce the cholesterol levels and aid in better cardiovascular function in our bodies. Black teas are also believed to benefit the heart arteries, and if regularly consumed over a period of time, can also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer Prevention

Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds found in black, green and white teas. Since antioxidants can lower the risk of cellular membrane damage, this can significantly contribute towards the prevention of cancer. Although green teas have enjoyed maximum limelight in cancer researches around the world, it is now being believed that black teas are equally beneficial in fighting off harmful elements in our bodies.

Dental Fitness

Black and green Darjeeling teas can prevent the formation of dental cavities. First, it can restrain the development of Streptococcus mutans, a type of bacteria that is mostly held responsible for tooth decay. Second, it can also disallow these bacteria to reach the surface of the teeth. Also, research has shown that people who consume Darjeeling tea had fewer incidents of dental cavities as compared to those who drink coffee and other beverages.

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties of Indian Darjeeling tea can be bought online. Visit the official website of World Tea Room and select from a vast assortment of teas like masala chai, herbal maharaja chai, green teas, balck teas, etc. and buy them online at affordable prices. Sit back and enjoy that aromatic cup of Darjeeling tea and let us know your experience.

About Auhtor:
Sayyed Aamir Hasan is working as a customer service head at Golden Tips Tea Co. (P) Ltd, an Online Tea Store. He assists the customers with their queries to build strong relationships. He loves to write articles about the food & drinks in his spare time.

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