Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin Seeds

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You might not be aware that there are numerous health benefits of eating pumpkin seeds. Those seeds (also known as pepitas) are extremely rich in minerals and also offer a pretty nice amount of vitamins. If you don’t know what are the health benefits that pumpkin seeds offer, you should definitely learn about them. Since those seeds contain huge amounts of healthy nutrients, it’s difficult to name all of the benefits.

Health benefits of eating pumpkin seeds

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Cardiovascular health: Pumpkin seeds have some cardioprotective properties. The potassium contained in pepitas is responsible for regulating blood pressure. Another beneficial nutrients are healthy fats and phytosterols (both known to lower LDL (bad cholesterol)), carotenoids and fiber.

Prostate health: Pepitas are known to promote prostate health – they interrupt the process of multiplication prostate cells which results in enlargement of the prostate gland. The zinc contained in the seeds helps with reducing the prostate size.

Anti-inflammatory properties: If you’re suffering from arthritis then consuming pumpkin seeds on a regular basis will be beneficial for you. They do a good job with reducing symptoms of inflammation.

Prevention of osteoporosis: Lack of zinc in ones diet is an important factor when it comes to osteoporosis. Pumpkin kernels are a great source of zinc so consuming them on a regular basis can improve (especially in case of men) bone mineral density and therefore reduce your risk of suffering from osteoporosis. The bones are also reinforced by the manganese and vitamin K contained in the seeds.

Great source of many nutrients: Pumpkin seeds contain enormous amounts of the most important minerals such as: manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. They’re also extremely rich in vitamin E and contain a considerable amount of niacin and thiamine. If your diet lacks any of the mentioned compounds, you can definitely benefit from consuming pumpkin seeds.

Other benefits: Pumpkin seeds contain L-tryptophan which is used as a compound against depression, so consuming them on a regular basis should improve your mood. Proteins and dietary fiber will help your digestive system. Some studies suggest (the results are not definite) that pepitas can help with preventing the formation of kidney stones. Other studies show that the nutrients contained in the seeds improve bladder functions.

The mentioned benefits are only the most known ones. Since the seeds contain so many nutrients, we probably won’t ever find out all the benefits. If your diet lacks minerals, you should seriously consider consuming pumpkin roots on a regular basis. Remember, there are numerous health benefits of eating pumpkin seeds!

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