Health benefits of Garlic

Garlic is the most commonly available cooking item available in our kitchen. It is widely used in cooking to enhance the taste of many dishes. It is used as it is or in paste and chopped form. The most commonly used garlic item is ginger-garlic paste. Garlic, apart from enhancing taste, also improves your health. This has been proved by several researches. Garlic has many benefits on our health which are stated below :

  • Increases your immunity : Garlic is rich in nutrients and improves our immune system due to its anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. The presence of anti-oxidants has very positive effect on our immune system. Garlic contains allicin which is a natural anti-biotic. It inhibits the ability of germs to grow and reproduce, thus, making our body immune to common diseases.
  • Anti-cancer property : Garlic is also known to fight against cancer. The fact has been proved by many researches. Garlic contains allyl sulfur which reduces the risk of some cancers.
  • Good for your heart : Garlic is good for your heart’s health. The sulfur compounds of garlic have anti-clotting properties and prevent the blocking of blood vessels due to formation of clots. Garlic is also known to reduce the excess cholesterol from our body. It can reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels by up to 20mg/dl. Regular consumption of garlic prevents from heart-attacks and atherosclerosis.
  • Good for skin : Due to the presence3 of anti-fungal agents, garlic is good for your skin. It protects infections like ringworm and Athlete’s foot.
  • Anti-allergic : Garlic is known to contain some anti-inflammatory chemicals. Raw garlic juice can be directly applied to get relief from itching due to rashes and bug bites.
  • Garlic is also good for diabetic patients. It increases insulin release and maintains blood sugar level.
  • Garlic is also known to reduce weight. This is because it can regulate the formation of fat cells in our body. So, if are on a diet to lose weight, you must consider garlic in your diet too.
  • Garlic helps in digestion and kills internal parasites too. It can also be applied on wounds to prevent infection.
  • It is also helpful in respiratory and is known to cure chronic bronchitis.
  • In some studies, garlic was found to be good for joints and can prevent osteoarthritis.

One of the most important benefits of garlic is yet to be mentioned. It saves you from Vampires. Just kidding! Apart from these benefits, Garlic has many positive effects on our overall health. 4 gm. of garlic must be taken daily in order to live a happy and healthy life.