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Health Benefits of Massage Therapy


There is the common way of treating people using medication, and there is the alternative, healthier way by using massage therapy. Massage therapy is a form of treatment that involves physical manipulation of muscles to relieve them from stress and tension. This form of specialized treatment is used to relieve as well as prevent the occurrence of other serious medical conditions. This form of therapy is known to treat depression, arthritis, exhaustion, diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, lower back pains, infertility, as well as tendonitis.

There are several methods of massage

Effleurage – This is a Swedish technique where the masseuse performs long strokes directed to the heart to help with circulation. It also involves compression where the muscles are pushed down or towards the bone. This method takes two hands to pull and push the muscles.

Friction – Friction is another technique that does not involve the use of lotion. Lack of lotion creates friction between the body and the hands. After that one does what is known as vibration- fast movements to push blood leading to proper circulation in the body.

Basic Massage – There is one common basic massage technique. It is commonly known as fan stroking. It involves sliding the hands from the side of the body towards the back. As you reach the back, you release the fingers out. Then slither them down to the side of the body to their place of origin.

Thumb Stroking – This method involves stroking with the left thumb upward and outward, then the same action using the other thumb. You should alternate the two thumbs in a slow motion. This exercise helps relieve any tension in the neck muscles. There is also cat stroking where it starts with a light stroke using the left hand down towards the body the same movements you make when stroking a cat. it helps in relaxing and can make the receiver fall asleep.

Spiritual massage – This form of therapy combines the traditional massages used in the East and West. The main purpose of this therapy is to clear out the energy as well as emotions in the body to allow free flow. It aims at reawakening and channeling your sensual energy. There are several benefits of using this form of massage which is called Tantric. Tantric massage enables the client to be in a state that they will experience peaceful energy entering the body. The result is; the client is free from stress, negative feelings and emotions before the massage session. This technique relaxes the mind thus making the client focus on emotions during the massage session. In general, a tantric massage will optimize one`s energy level and body stamina, conditioning you to be a smart and successful person.


You should consider massage therapy and meditation if you feel depressed. One powerful method of meditation is performing Chakra. Chakra heals your mind and body. It involves meditating to concentrate on your Chakra points. One you are able to clear these points, you end up clearing your mind off troubles, stress, among other benefits.

Image sources: Flickr and Flickr

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