Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

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Saunas aren’t made just to make you sweat, saunas have been used for many years in numerous cultures as a detoxification tool. It detoxifies your body by eliminating toxins and environmental chemicals that are stored in our fat cells. Saunas are also good for burning fat as the heat increases your heart rate and therefore increases your metabolism. In this heat you will find your blood vessels become more flexible, your circulation improves, your pores open and you sweat. This is the same results physical exercise produces, however without the muscles strengthening capabilities.

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You will find by taking a sauna on a regular basis you can detoxify your body from multiple chemicals, pesticide exposure, chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida albicans and Lyme disease. How this works is, by raising your body’s internal temperature it has a chance to kill off or subdue the yeast organisms and Lyme spirochetes.

Other benefits of using a sauna include:

  • Improved feelings of psychological peace and contentment
  • Improved feelings of physical rejuvenation
  • Relief of symptoms of minor diseases, for example, the common cold
  • The relaxation of muscle tissue after physical exercise
  • Detoxifying and clearing your skin
  • Helping to relieve anxiety and depression
  • Warms up your muscles and can increase your flexibility
  • Make your body feel energized
  • Clears out the pores on your skin, letting your skin breath better

You may find when you leave a sauna, you feel revitalised and your skin feels soft and cleansed.

How long should you stay in a sauna?

The length of time you stay in a sauna really depends on your own personal health. If you are just first starting to use a sauna then start off by sitting for 15 minutes at a time with low temperature. For a more intense detoxification sit in a sauna, sit for up to 45 minutes. Cycle your sits by moving in and out of the sauna every three minute intervals. This will help increase your heart rate. Always remember when using a sauna to keep yourself hydrated. If you sweat heavily after 10 to 15minutes, turn down the temperature or take a break. If you have high blood pressure, consult a doctor before using a sauna. You might also want to wear a heart rate monitor whilst using a sauna.

Where to use a sauna?

There are several places where you can sit in to use a sauna. Most gym’s and health/beauty spas have saunas. Hotels and apartment complexes may also have saunas.

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Health Benefits of Using a Sauna, Seekyt
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