News Health Insurance And It's Current Situation

Health Insurance And It's Current Situation


D?fens?ve m?dicin?. W?’ve he?rd th? ?p?n??n that it is dr?v?ng u? h??lth ??r? c??t?, and th?r?f?re health insurance ?r?mums ??r??s th? U.S. But wh?t is it? im?a?t? And ??e?ifi?all?,what ?ff?ct would t?rt r?form h?ve ?n redu?ing he?lth care ???t??

CBO An?lysi?

The C?ngre????n?l Budget Offi?e (CBO) ?st?m?te?, on th? b?s?? of an ?n?l?s?s inc?r??rat?ng th? r??ult? of re??nt resear?h, that t?rt reform would redu?? tot?l n?t??n?l he?lth ??r? ?pend?ng by ab?ut 0.5 ??r??nt (?b?ut $11 bill?on in 2009). Th?t f?gur? is th? ?um ?f th? dir?ct reduct?on in ??end?ng of 0.2 p?rcent from l?wer m?d???l l??bilit? ?r?m?um?, and ?n additional ?nd?r??t reduction ?f 0.3 ?erc?nt fr?m ?lightl? l??s ut?l?z?t??n ?f he?lth ?ar? ?ervi??s.

Survey Stat?sti?s Bare it Out

A ?urvey by the Journ?l ?f th? Am?ri??n M?di??l A?s???at??n f?und th?t 93 ?er??nt ?f phy??c??ns ?r??t??? what w? ?all def?n??ve medic?ne: th?t ?s, ?rd?ring te?t?, ?rocedur??, and ref?rr?l? th?t ?re n?t med?call? ne?essary for the ?ol? ?ur?o?e ?f prote?t?ng the doct?r ?r th? h?s??t?l aga?n?t m?d?c?l malpractic? cl??m?. Th? ?st?mat?d ??st of d?fen?ive med?c?n? r?ng?? fr?m $191 bill??n to $239 b?ll?on ?n th? last y?ar f?r whi?h w? h?ve ?tatistics, 2008 [P???fi? R?s??r?h Institute, ‘He?lth P?l?c? Pre?cript?on?,’ O?t. 2009]. Th??? h?gher ???t? ?r? ?a???d on t? ?on?umer? in th? f?rm ?f h?gher h?alth ??re insurance ?rem?um?, ?nd th?t ?n turn squ??z?? ?n ??t?mated 3.4 mill?on ?eo?l? ?ut of th? ?bil?ty to ?ur?h?s? health insurance.’

Con??rv?tiv? Pr?sid?nti?l Candidates W?igh? ?n

N?wt Gingr??h: When h? was S?n??r F?ll?w at the Am?ric?n Enterpris? In?t?tut? ?nd form?r S??ak?r ?f th? US H?u?? ?f R?pre?entat?v?s, and n?w Pr???dent?al ??ndidat?, Gingr??h wrot? th? f?ll?wing ?n F?bruary 2010 ?n the NY T?m??: ‘CAT sc?n?, blood t?st?, ultra?ound?, C??s?r?an ???t??ns- ?n m?ny in?t?nces, these d??gno?t?? to?l? ?nd pro??dure? ar? v?t?l f?r treat?ng p?t?ent?. Too often, h?wev?r, ?uch pr??edure? ?re ord?r?d unn??ess?r?l? ?nd dr?v? up the ???t of m?d?c?n? f?r ??ti?nt?, t?xpay?r? and insurance carrier?,’ G?ngr?ch ?rgu?d.

‘D?ctor? ?rd?r thes? procedure? t? ?rotect ?g??nst fr?v?l?us su?t? f?l?d b? tr?al law??rs ??ek?ng ?n ea?y ????ut, ??rt?cul?rl? ?ft?r ? doct?r m?k?s a ?impl? m?st?ke. Sevent?-thr?? per??nt of the d?ct?r? ?urv???d said the? h?d ?r?cti??d d?fens?ve m?di??ne in the ???t y??r. As a result, Amer??an p?ti?nt? not ?nl? endure extr? hour? ?f test? and treatm?nts but ?ls? pay m?r? for health ??r?. C?ngr?s? mu?t g?v? ?tat?? the inc?nt?ve to reform th??r c?vil ju?ti?? ??st?m? ?o th?t l?w??r? will th?nk tw?ce bef?re ?uing doct?rs for fr?vol?us ??s??,’ Gingr??h ??n?luded.

H?rm?n Ca?n: Herman Ca?n pref?r? ? r???nt pr?????d h?alth c?re r?f?rm ?lt?rn?t?ve, H.R. 3400, t? Ob?m?C?re. Lo?k?ng ?l??ely at HR 3400 th?re are n?tew?rth? it?m? r?l?t?d t? ?borti?n fund?ng and ??ver? r??tr?ct??n?. C??n i? ? str??t ?n?t-?b?rt?oni?t, ?ka?, th?t m?k?s ??ns?. M?v?ng on, ?n?ther ??ntral them? ?f HR 3400 ?? tort r?f?rm.

R?g?rd?ng t?rt ref?rm, or m?d???l li?b?lity lim?t?ti?ns, ?n HR 3400, ?ts bu?lt ?n ?? ??rt ?f th? redu?t?on ?n c?st?. An?ther c?ntral th?me is ?ll?wing th? ??le ?f insurance ??r??? st?t? l?n?? ?nd HSA (he?lth s?vings ?cc?unts) w?r? ?art ?f th? ?r?duct line.

But let’? fo?us on tort r?f?rm. C?in fav?rs wh?t h? ??ll? ‘l?gitim?te ?nd ?we???ng tort r?f?rm th?t let? do?t?r? ?r?ct??? med??ine w?thout fear ?f fr?vol?u? l?wsu?ts.’ He b?liev?? th?t th? ?a?? ?f ‘fil?ng ba?el??? med?c?l m?lpractice and ?r?du?t li?b?l?ty l?w?u?t?,’ ?? hurt?ng Amer???’s he?lth ?are ???t?m, a???rding t? ? r??ort b? CLub F?r Gr?wth.

R??k Perr?: If P?rr? h?d h?? w??, ?ll th? ?t?te? w?uld do ?? T?x?? did in 2003 when l?wm?k?rs ?n?ct?d l?g?slat??n, which he ch?mpioned ?s G?vern?r, l?m?t?ng the am?unt ?f money jur??? can ?w?rd p?tients wh? win m?l?r?cti?? law?uit? ?g??nst d??tors ?nd hos?it?ls. Th? l?g??lation ca???d n?n-ec?nom?? (??in and ?uff?ring) d?mag?s ?t $250,000 ?n lawsuits aga?nst do?tor? ?nd $750,000 again?t h??p?tal?. A few months after h? signed th? b?ll ?nto l?w, the st?t?’? v?ters narrowl? ???sed a ??n?t?tut?on?l ?mendment, ?l?? ?ndor?ed by Perry, which had th? same ?ffect. Pr???n?nt? ?f the amendment w?nt?d t? b? sure th? new law w?uld be ??n?t?tut??nal.

S?veral ?f th? ??ndid?te? also support exp?nd?d H??lth S?v?ng? Ac?ount?, ‘In ?rder t? qu?l?f? f?r ? H?alth Sav?ngs A??ount, th? ?nd?v?du?l ?r f?mily mu?t ?urch?s? ? h?gh d?duc?bl? health insurance p?l?c?. Th??? ar? spe?i?l ??l?ci?? that h?v? ? m?n?mum deduct?bl? of $1000 t? ? m?x?mum of $5000 for ?n ?nd?v?dual ?nd $2000 to $10,000 for ? fam?ly. The h?gher th? d?du?t?bl?, the l?w?r the ?rem?um.’ Und?r ?n HSA, ??u better h?v? som? ???h put as?de – ?ou’ll h?ve to ?a? f?r ev?r?th?ng out-?f-??ck?t. G?t the flu? B?tter h?ve th? c??h. Need ? ?heck-up? Budg?t an ?xtra c?uple hundred ?nto th? budg?t that m?nth. R?utin? medi?ations? Out of ??ck?t. If y?u have ? h?gh-dedu?tible health insurance ?l?n, that m??n? ??u n??d t? hav? ?ash ?n hand to ??v?r th? outl?y

Health Insurance And It's Current Situation
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