Health Insurance in NY for Low Income

Health insurance in NY for low income families is accessible for the ardent searcher. The soaring costs of living, particularly health care in the United States of America have given rise to a crisis for the low income family earner. In a survey conducted in the year 2005 by the globally recognized group The Commonwealth Fund showed that while ninety six percent of families who earned a salary of more than sixty thousand dollars a year had an insurance for health to assist them cushion themselves against the huge burden of the rising costs of living and an alarming fifty three percent of families of low income earner were either actually uninsured for health or had cover that had lapsed in the preceding year.

A Family with No Health Insurance

When a family is uninsured for health treatment, they are 4 times more unlikely to seek professional health care for urgent treatment or preventative care compared to someone who has health insurance. Due to them opting not to look for preventive care from health institutions or to consult a professional, diagnosis of diseases are made in their advanced stages and are therefore more difficult to cure. Further, the Institute of Medicine approximates that a whooping eighteen thousand adults without proper health insurance die from preventable ailments every year.

When a family ignores the benefit of health insurance due to low income earnings in harsh economic times, the number of emergency cases also increases. This is due to the fact that the cost of one visit is about three thousand dollars on average. Twenty percent uninsured adult patients comfortably claim that their usual supply of health care is usually through the emergency room. Diseases diagnosed in their advanced states are therefore on the increase. Further, a third of uninsured families say that they have much difficulty in paying for medical bills while one person in every four people report that they changed their personal lifestyles to a great extent so that they could pay bills.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Even if you find the traditional health insurance plans like PPOs and HMOs to still be too expensive for you, there are several other alternative options available to you if you do your search correctly. Some options actually charge lower premium rates than standard policies to help the low income families take care of their health care issues.

The Mini Medical Insurance offers the low income family pay as little as fifty dollars every month. With this premium payment, one is eligible for the package of mini medical plan and therefore covers the payer a set number of visits to the doctor, some prescription medicines, a limited amount of accident coverage as well as daily hospital benefits.

Health Savings Accounts or HSAs are similar to the mini medical insurance plan. The savings account is a relatively inexpensive and new way to have health care coverage. The plan enables low income family get huge discounts on health care expenses because it works together with HDHPs or the High deductible Health Plan. The plan pays expenses that are more than the annual deductible and it forms a good health insurance in NY for low income program.