Health, Medicine, And Science Are Good

All humans should be physical healthy, ideally. Medicine is the science of how to make humans health, in one respect.

There are many forms of free medicine, sort of. Exercise can sort of be like free medicine. Excercise can perhaps sometimes increase the health of humans. Doctors and the government recommend that humans get a certain amount of exercise to be healthier.

One can also eat healthy foods to be healthier. If one eats lots of junk food, then one will probably be less healthy than if they eat lots of healthy foods.

If one is sick, one can go see a doctor, sometimes, perhaps. Being a doctor is probably not a bad career. Doctors get paid well. In order to become a doctor, one must finish pre-med requirements, quite often.

It can take a long time to become a doctor. One might not finish school until they are 30 years of age. Being a physicians assistant or nurse practitioner can also be good career choices. Both of these take less time to become, and they also pay well compared to many other jobs that society offers.

If one is healthy, then one can enjoy life more than if they are unhealthy. By being healhy, one can be more mobile and active.

One can be more physically attractive if they are healthy. Heath is often equated with beauty perhaps.

There are some scientists that are trying to reverse or abolishing aging. Some serious scientists, like Aubry de Grey believes it might be possible to stop or reverse the human aging process in the next 25 years.

If that happened, it would probably change society quite greatly. There are arguably probably both advantages and disadvantages to trying to reverse or eliminate aging. Perhaps, if humans could find ways to colonize other planets, and travel to other stars, then it would not matter how long humans lived, because there could always be more space.

Health is good. Abolish aging.