Health Safety And Environment Management Systems

Health safety and environment is define as a quality management system for managing risks within the company to ensure the protection of it’s people, assets, and reputation, and the protection of the environment the company operates within. And policy and and commitment, including those of continuous improvement and compliance with the law. Most company appreciates that there are hazards in their various business activities and do not want these to impact on its people, assets, reputation and the environment within which it operates.

Structure of The Health Safety And Environment Systems

The purpose of any management system is to ensure that the activities of the company are planned, carried out, controlled and directed so that the business objectives of the company are met. it should have an improvement loop in its construction following the plan-do-check-feed back steps of any quality system.

A systematic approach to health, safety and environment management system requires the following elements:

* Demonstrable management leadership and commitment : Management and supervision shall be regarded as being fully committed to health, safety and environment by all staff and contractors. They are to be seen as providing a leading role towards constant improvement through leadership and action planning. Management shall regularly review the suitability and effectiveness of the system.

* Policy and strategic objectives : companies shall have a written health, safety and environment policy covering the group policy elements. Health and safety objectives shall be challenging, understood by all and consistently incorporated in policies. In setting objectives, management shall consider the overall risk level of its activities and shall identify those critical operations and installations which require a fully documented demonstration that risks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.

* Organization, Responsibilities, Resources, Standards, And Documents : The organization and resources shall be adequate for its purposes. responsibilities at all levels shall be clearly described, communicated and understood. Staff shall be developed following structured competency assessment and training systems. preparation, review and distribution of all key references documentation shall be adequately controlled.

* Hazards And Effect management process : The process for those critical operations and installations should include

(i) An inventory of the major hazards to the environment and to the health and safety of people of all activities, materials, products and services

(ii) An assessment of the related risks, implementation of measures to control these risks and to recover in case of control failures.

* Planning And Procedures : Adequate standards and procedures shall be in place and understood at the appropriate organization levels. preparation, review and distribution of all key references document shall be adequately controlled.

* Implementation and Monitoring : health, safety and environment performance targets shall be set to ensure progression towards the long-term goals of no harm to people and no damage to the environment. performance indicators shall be established, monitored and result reported in a way that can be externally verified.

* Audit : schedule audit program should be in place to review and verify the effectiveness of the management system. it includes audits by auditors independent of the process or facility studies. An audit program will include internal and external audits, and external certification. Audit follow up shall be timely, thorough and auditable.

Health, Safety And Environment Management Methodology

> indentify the business process.

> Break down the process into its constituent activities.

> Indentify whether activity is health, safety and environment critical

> Establish the Hazard (Effect on Management objective.

> Identify the methods of meeting these objectives.

> Select the appropriate controls to provide the necessary assurance.

> Document the health, safety and environment management process.

The corporate health, safety and environment management system applies a common set of controls to corporate level activities and is evidence by a series of documents:

. The Health, Safety And Environment management manual- which describes the overall approach and requirement of the system.

. Health, Safety And Procedures- which describe what must be done to meet the requirement of the system

. Health, safety And Environment Standards- which describe the performance acceptable to the company for the system.