Health tips for kids

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Healthy Food Tips for your Child’s Health

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Getting your child to eat healthy can seem like it can be a chore. Plus with all the foods out there it can be hard to know what is good for you and what is not. It seems so easy to give your child what is covenant and fast. When those foods are unhealthy for you, we offer some tips and tricks on how you can give your child healthy food.

Things to remember:

There are some things you have to keep in mind when you are trying to keep your child healthy.

  • The first thing you want to remember is to never restrict your child from eating food. This can cause your child to develop eating disorders. This chance is especially high in females.
  • Keep healthy food available. Most kids will eat what is already ready, or sitting around the house. So you should keep some of the healthier food in a bowl on the counter. Then make sure you eat them as well.
  • Do not say that foods are good or bad for them because then they will almost feel like you are punishing them. Just say how a food will improve there appearance, or how it will help them in sports. What ever they are interested in. Tell how it can be improved just by eating right. For example if your child wants to have prettier hair you could say that fruits and vegetables which act as antioxidants will add luster to your hair.
  • You need to praise your child when it makes a healthy choice. This way it knows you are proud of them and they did something good.
  • Do not nag when they make a bad choice. Usually kids tune this out anyway and they want to do it more. Just ignore the bad choice for now. If they continue to does it, point them to something better. If they are looking for something sweet try chocolate covered strawberries. Also keep sweet fruit around the house to satisfy cravings.

Food servings:

Each day your child should have a certain amount of servings for each food group. These food groups are grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, and meats. Your child should only have thirty percent of fats per day.

Grains:Your child should have six servings of this food group a day. This should include at least one slice of bread and at least ½ cup of cereal.

Fruits:Two servings of fruit should be served a day. This should include At least one fruit and ¾ cup of fruit with 100% juice.

Vegetables:Your child needs only two servings of these a day. This should include at least one cup of green vegetables.

Milk: You should give your child at least two servings of this food group and that should include at least one cup of milk.

Meat group:You should serve your kid at least two servings of meat a day. This should include at least ½ cup cooked dry beans.

Family Meals:

It is very important for you to have family meals at home. Children really do like family meals because they are something that are predictable. Plus you can catch up with your kid over what is going on in there life. Also if you have family meals then your children will be more likely to eat fruits and grains because they are right there, and everyone else is eating them as well. They will be unlikely to snake on the unhealthy foods because other foods will be placed in front of them. Then after dinner they will be too full to want them.

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