Getting regular healthcare can mean the difference between living a productive, satisfying life or living a life filled with mental and/or physical pain and suffering. The availability and high cost of healthcare prevent many people from getting the healthcare they need. People in some parts of the world simply don’t have any healthcare professionals in their area. In areas where there is access to these professionals, the cost of healthcare prevents some people from getting the medical attention that they need. Fortunately many people do get adequate healthcare and are treated for and healed of many different injuries and illnesses.

Personal, Physician, and Non-traditional Healthcare

The topic of healthcare is a broad subject that can be viewed from three perspectives of personal, physician and nontraditional healthcare. These are broad areas that should touch on most if not all people. Obviously you have a direct impact on your personal healthcare through your lifestyle. You may even be fortunate enough to have access to physicians and medical attention. You may also have access to nontraditional healthcare when you’re not able to get help for your medical problems through traditional means.

Four Lifestyle Healthcare Influences

Obviously you have a significant impact on your healthcare through your lifestyle. The way you eat, work, play and rest are four ways that you personally impact your healthcare. Having a balanced diet helps you get the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to work properly. A balanced diet also gives you the energy you need to work. We’ve all seen the commercials for the latest and greatest work out equipment or program. Whether you use any of this equipment or if you simply go for brisk walks, exercise is essential for optimum health. If you enjoy sports, you may be able to release some stress by playing golf, tennis basketball or whatever games you enjoy playing. Engaging in these kinds of activities is a great way to get a break from the daily grind. After a long day it’s important to get rested by getting enough sleep to recharge your batteries. The body and mind need to shut down at night so that they can get energized for another day.

Physician Healthcare

Having access to a doctor on a regular basis is a luxury for most people in the world. But if you have access to a doctor, you should get routine physical exams. By getting a routine physical exam your doctor could possibly detect and treat a seriousness illness before it’s too late. Doctors sometime discover problems like prostate or breast cancer during routine physical exams. When diagnosed early enough, this can be treated with a minimum of discomfort and disruption of your life. Whether it’s a serious illness like cancer or a broken foot, a doctor can also provide you follow up medical care. It’s important for you to follow up with your doctor to make sure that your treatment is working and/or to change treatment if necessary.

Alternative Healthcare

If you’re not able to get help for your medical problems through traditional means you may have the option to turn to what some call alternative medicine. Alternative healthcare is growing in popularity with familiarity and effectiveness. There are Chiropractors that primarily treat back pain and spinal cord problems. While Chiropractors aren’t always recognized as legitimate medical professionals, many of their patients swear by them. You could also consider Acupuncture for a variety of ailments but most westerners are uncomfortable with Acupuncture do to a lack of familiarity. Not to mention being stuck with needles.


There’s a war being fought in America to determine how healthcare will be administered and paid for. There are those that believe all Americans should be covered and that they should have to personally buy insurance if they don’t have it through an employer. Then there are also those that believe that we should keep the status quo with everyman for himself. But the real healthcare fight is in the hearts, minds and will of the people as we make personal healthcare decisions. Each one of us has to decide whether to live without regard to our health or whether we will make healthier healthcare decisions.