Healthy Snacks are More then Just Fresh Vegetables

If you want to start eating healthy, the secret is to add more healthy snacks to your day. To keep your body running at its best potential, you should be eating every three to four hours. This is not large meals that are talking about.

Healthy snacks are part of a healthier lifestyle. However, many people are under the belief that the only option that they have when eating this is fresh vegetables. While these are always a nutritious choice, they are not the only ones out there.

Other Healthy Snack Options

One of the best options that you can go with is nuts. There are a good source of protein and easy to take on the go. You can prepack baggies of nuts and put them in your purse so if you are out when you should be eating then you are all set.

Some nuts are better then others for snacking. Almonds are one of the best choices that you can make. The other thing to take note of is that they should not be candied. This would be added calories. If you can go without any salt on them, do so as not to increase your sodium intake for the day as well.

Another great healthy snack is hummus. Making your own is the best so that you can control the quality of the ingredients and how much salt is in there. You can eat this with some raw vegetables. You can also treat yourself here with some whole wheat pitas to dip in your hummus. Just keep the portion size small and you will do fine.

Eating healthy is all about giving yourself enough delicious options so that you do not get bored with your routine. This is especially true with healthy snacks. You do not always have to reach for fresh vegetables when you need a pick me up. The options listed above are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what you can have.

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