Healthy Snacks for Winter

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If in summer, need to eat a fruit or ice cool, in winter our bodies require different snacks. Healthy snacks for winter. see what nutritionists recommend you to crunch energy and good mood.

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Basically, fats should constitute 30% of your daily diet winter, compared with 55% carbohydrates and 15% protein.

Your body requires fatty foods during this time, to cope with the cold weather outside. Fats play an thermal insulator, which helps to maintain the correct temperature, but do not lose energy. Oleaginous fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios help you satisfy your need to gain weight without getting fat and without raising your cholesterol.

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Baked Apples
Are filled with vitamins and made in the oven, are ten times more delicious. You can eat yogurt and nuts, honey or other fruit placed inside them – bananas, raisins, oranges.

To avoid eating too much holiday, start your day with cereal with milk, and between meals, chew them simply. They contain fiber and help you have proper digestion, and eat to have energy to be fixed but not more.

Researchers say it contains even more antioxidants than fruits. Moreover, it has fewer calories and is nourishing, making it ideal for snacks between meals. But be careful with the salt.

Because you feel the need to crunch a lot in this period, choose a healthy snack. Pumpkin seeds are excellent. Especially if you fry yourself and do not put too much salt.

Dried fruits
Are healthy and great if you need a dose of energy. Gives you a feeling of fullness and helps keep your appetite under control.


Foods are more flavorful and will help keep your interior much faster pace. They also speed up your metabolism and help you get in shape. Ginger, in particular, stimulates blood circulation and maintain high body temperature.

Soup warms you from the inside. But it comes with other benefits – is nourishing, so help you eat less and more balanced.

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