News Heartburn remedies that work

Heartburn remedies that work


What is Heartburn

Several people after they have consumed their meal are faced with a condition called heartburn. It is a burning sensation in the chest area and can be very uncomfortable. The cause of it is when there is acid reflux in your body and the acid from your stomach finds its way into the esophagus. There are many heartburn remedies that we will explore that should give quick relief when applied.


Heartburn remedies that work

Your diet may be a contributing factor to your feeling heartburn. Take a look at the foods you consume and see if they have high acidic contents. This is one of the heartburn remedies that can immediately cause the pain to stop if you reduce your acidic intake. Some popular foods that cause heartburn include citrus fruits or juices, chocolate, alcohol, tomato based products and sodas.

Preventative Measures

Heartburn remedies that work

There are other simple methods you can take to prevent heartburn from occurring. One of them is to eat at least two to three hours before bed. While you are upright, the process of digestion is better facilitated and the juices from the stomach are less likely to go back up in the esophagus and cause any heartburn. Another good practice when sleeping is to ensure that your head is at a higher elevation than your stomach so again, the juices will be prevented from going back into the esophagus.

Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn remedies that work

Another one of the many heartburn remedies which is low cost and easily found around the home is water. Try drinking more water with your meals and when you are finished this will prevent the acid from affecting you and staying in your stomach where it belongs.

Peppermint tea in a diluted form can help to mitigate the symptoms of heartburn. The menthol in its diluted form will not trigger any heartburn. The peppermint tea is a good cure for heartburn and can be taken with or after a meal to assist with digestion.

If heartburn takes place when you are not at home then you may need to get some over the counter medication. This can include antacids in tablets or liquid form which are equally effective. You should be mindful not to take too much as it as it can cause constipation or diarrhea. Painkillers can also be taken to reduce the effects of it.

Apples are another one of the heartburn remedies that once eaten will settle the stomach acid. It is best to eat them when they are fit and ripe as it offers the best nutrients at this time. Other fruits such as banana whether fresh or dried are effective as well.

Baking soda can be used as one of the most effective heartburn remedies. It is actually a natural antacid so if you dissolve a teaspoon of Baking Soda in water and drink it you will neutralize the effects of the acid in your system.

These heartburn remedies that are mentioned are recommended for the treatment of heartburn, however if the problem seems to be serious it is best to consult your healthcare provider.

Heartburn remedies that work
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