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Nowadays technology mania has affected our love life, creating new phenomena spreading quickly all over the world.
Love resulting from social media is one of the controversial issues that started to raise several questions.
How can we explain this new trend?
What are its advantages and drawbacks?
Can it lead to a strong relationship?
The evolution in our society caused an evolution in our relationships.
It’s always human nature that lies beneath every development we make.
First of all, there is our endless ambition to a better future .
In fact considering the positive impact that technology brought to our society we’ve become keen to exploit it even in relationships.
Second of all, we are in continuous search for true love and eternal happiness so we are willing to use all the tools provided .
Like wise men said “All is fair in love and war”.
Social media made a breakthrough when it comes to relationships , It has really broken the borders by connecting people who are thousands of miles far from each other.
Sometimes the disappointment you encounter in your tight community leads you to look for love elsewhere.
You can get acquainted with people from different societies, different cultures that may respond to your needs better than the community you’re surrounded by.
So if you’re really in search of true love, you can easily broaden your circle of search.
Nevertheless, opting for this kind of relationship requires certain attention.

You must be aware that the person standing in the other side of the screen might be completely different from what he pretends to be.
And here I’m not speaking only about the gender cause Skype solved this problem few years ago, you can always see the person you’re talking to and figure out the gender.
You still can do that, right? Hope so!
Foremost, the information provided on the profile that might be sometimes the reason of the attraction might be totally fake, people can write whatever they want, and there is no censorship.
For example , lots of young beautiful ladies caught in the rich bachelor trap and ended up with a broke guy and a broken heart.
Then the character, everyone knows that we need time to be able to understand people even our close friends.
I heard someone saying that it’s during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.
Frankly Skype chatting will never give you this opportunity.
So before you conclude to love you must have a close contact with this person, observe his character, his reactions to different circumstances and see if there’s a harmony between you.
In my opinion ,the first step you had through social media would be the attraction part and you need a series of meetings to conclude to love.
After that, you might be surprised but what you can find and here I mean in a positive or in a negative way.
I know a group of people who got acquainted through facebook, they had some Skype chatting then they got married ,after a while they started to realize that they don’t fit and their relationship turned into a disaster.
On the other hand ,there are few who made it to the happily ever after.
I really insist on taking time to know the other person, this is compulsory in every relationship not just the ones build through social media.
You might be lucky and social media connects you with your soul mate from across the universe but if you’re not you would spare yourself getting into a miserable relationship.
Anyway, wish you find true love regardless the tool but always be careful before you fall in love with someone you’ve never met.

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