Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

Dirofilaria immitis is the particular parasitic roundworm that causes heartworms in dogs and also other animals. The most effective heartworm treatment for dogs is definitely by using injections of an arsenic-based drug. This currently is the only remedy proven successful in eradicating the adult parasitic organisms lodged in the dog’s heart. The actual larvae can be transferred from mosquitoes to animals. In the United States, heartworms are commonplace in states possessing a tropical or humid climate tend to be breeding grounds for the mosquitoes, having said that heartworms have spread through almost all 50 states.

Heartworm treatment for dogs, in the event the animal has been infected with heartworms, is actually painful for your family pet and stress filled for the pet owner. The commonest heartworm treatment for most dogs will be injection of Immiticide. This Immiticide will wipe out all mature heartworms that have already taken up residence within your dog’s heart.

The drug is injected in a couple of sites in the hip area. The injection site will probably swell and will cause the dog distress. After the first injection, the following 4 to 6 weeks are generally especially demanding for the pet dog and owner. The initial few days after injection, the dog might be lethargic and may have problems walking. It will be crucial to avoid touching the actual injection site, because it’s really uncomfortable to the animal. You may want to place your dog’s bed near the entrance, so your dog will not have to walk a long way to go outside the house.

A dog needs to be prevented from actively playing, running and also getting excited. The dead heartworms are destroyed by the process of phagocytosis through phagocyte cells within the body. The dead heartworms are eliminated out of the heart in tiny bits. In cases where a family dog gets to be too excited, the heart will pump harder and more rapidly. Expelling the heartworms far too rapidly could cause the dead heartworms to go to the lungs. This could lead to respiratory failure.

The second step associated with heartworm therapy will be to kill the heartworm larvae from the pet’s bloodstream. They are immature heartworms that will if left untreated will certainly settle in the heart and mature into adult heartworms. At this stage, your vet might allow you to elevate your dog’s physical exercise to gentle playing. Nevertheless, following on from the second injection, your family dog may not really feel well for the initial few days.

In advanced stages, heartworm?treatment for dogs may perhaps require a surgical procedure to take out the heartworms. It is really an option the majority of vets prefer to avoid. Nonetheless, in the event the mass of heartworms is way too large, eradicating these with Immiticide might present a larger risk. Heartworm infection is without a doubt far easier to protect against than it will be to cure and prevention is much less costly, treating a dog that has become infected with heartworm will costs hundreds of dollars.