Heated Back Massager Cushions

Heated back massager cushions are an excellent way to get relief for aches and pains. Everybody likes a good massage, but it’s hard to get someone to do it for longer than 5 minutes. When you have a heated back massager it will never tell you no and it will keep going as long as you want it to. Some other benefits include: improved circulation, stress reduction and better overall physical and mental health. Many people, including me, use them in the car and at work to help relieve back pain from sitting for long periods. As long as you have a seat available you can put it to work and the best part is that it will never complain.

You will find that back massage cushions price range varies a good bit depending on features and brand. The heat feature is one that most people must have since it is the heat that relaxes muscles and when muscles relax tension is relieved. Tight tense muscles can be the cause of stress as well as aches and pains. Other features such as deep kneading shiatsu massage, independent rollers, touchpad control and various programs to choose from will cost more as well. The best thing to do is go with what you need not what you want if you’re on a budget and can’t afford all the cool features available.

When it comes to brands of massaging back cushions, some of the most popular ones are Homedics, Sharper Image, Human Touch, Dr. Scholl’s, Brookstone and Wagan. For a quality heated back massager cushion with all the bells and whistles you can pay up to $300 or more. On the other hand, you can get a heated back massager with just the basics for under $50. It’s a matter of what you can pay or are willing to pay for a high tech back massager.

In my opinion they’re worth the money for all the benefits you get as long as you take advantage and use them on a consistent basis. I use mine almost every day for at least 15-20 minutes or more when my back is acting up. You actually come to depend on them to take care of your aches and pains on a regular basis. I even have a back up so that if one quits I break out the new one. My heated back massager cushions aren’t just a luxury they’re essential.