Heated Mitts for Arthritis

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Heated mitts for arthritis in hands are a very popular item not only with those who have arthritic hands, but also with those who have poor circulation in the hands. All you do is heat the mitt or mitts up in the microwave and put them on to get relief from stiff aching hands and fingers. Moist heat therapy penetrates deep into tissue and is known for its remarkable pain relieving ability.

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You can also find heated mitts for arthritis that are the plug-in type this model is typically sold as a pair, so there are two mitts not just one. The microwavable type usually comes as a single heated mitt. This means that there will be a difference in price, when you get two, cost will be about twice as high, so you need to check to see when price is higher if there are two mitts or just one.

A quality single heated mitt can be found for under $20 and two will run under $40 or less if you find them on sale. If you go with electric heated mitts the heat will be constant and not need to be reheated. As a result, you can’t walk around you have to sit in one place, however, with microwavable mitts you can move about freely. It’s basically a matter of preference and need.

Another heat treatment option for arthritic hands is hot wax treatment also known as a paraffin bath. You can do this type of arthritis hand treatment at home with a paraffin bath unit. Not only will hands be pain free but the skin will feel softer and look smoother. You can find paraffin bath units for under $40 and as high as $200 or more depending on features.

And yet another option is heated arthritis gloves that are sometimes called Thermoskin arthritis gloves. These types of gloves increase hand temperature and keep it consistent. The outer material is designed to help with gripping and doing daily routine tasks that require hand and finger dexterity. They come in pairs and cost is about $30 more or less depending on where you buy them.

To keep arthritic hands warm outside there are battery operated heated gloves and battery operated glove liners. Lastly, there are disposable heated gloves that provide up to 10 hours of heat.

Now, you not only know more about heated mitts for arthritis, but other treatments for arthritic hands.

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