Heating your Home – Choosing the Best Williams Wall Furnaces, Monterey

If you are shopping for cheap reliable heat this winter, read on.

The Williams furnace company has offered top quality residential gas furnaces and heaters for over 80 years. Their inexpensive, high quality, efficient, reliable wall furnace heaters keep people coming back. Having readily available Williams furnace parts means extending the lifetime of one of their gas furnaces is possible and economical. Many of their models work entirely on natural gas or liquid propane, with no need for electricity, making these ideal in situations when the power supply is intermittent.

Monterey Wall Furnace Heaters

The Monterey wall furnace is a great option you need economical, efficient heat in your house. Propane or natural gas heaters or furnaces will soon pay for themselves in fuel savings. The wall furnace heaters are popular for heating many homes because they take up very little space, are easily installed and readily accessible. All these gas heaters are temperature regulated with thermostats that do not require electricity, and have matchless pilot lights. The three Monterey gas wall heaters are the Top Vent, the Dual Wall Top Vent and the Fireplace-in-a-furnace models.

The Williams Monterey Top Vent Wall Furnace comes in 25,000or 35,000 BTU in natural gas or liquid propane. Of course the 25,000 is cheaper, but make sure it is adequate for your needs. You can purchase an optional blower to install at the top of the furnace to improve air circulation in the rooms and distribute the heat more efficiently.

The Dual Wall Top Vent Monterey Furnace is similar to the regular top vent wall furnace but it heats two rooms from each side of the wall between them. These come in propane or natural gas and just the one size of 50,000 BTU with an even 25,000 BTU per side.

The Williams Monterey Fireplace-in- a-furnace really is unique 32,000BTU natural gas furnace, that has a realistic and cozy fireplace insert as part of the wall heater. The focal point is welcome as the rest of the heater quietly warms the rooms. These reliable and efficient wall furnaces works similar to the top vent models.

The Williams Monterey wall furnace heaters are certainly a great option for inexpensive heat to keep your family warm this winter.