Help Baby and Pets Bond | Introducing Dog to Baby

It’s important to help your new baby and pets bond because you want them to have a great relationship that’s also safe for both of them. So you have a new addition to the family. You’ve brought home a brand new baby home from the hospital and everyone can’t wait to hug and kiss the baby. Except for maybe the family cats and dogs. Everything changes when the new baby arrives. There’s baby food, diapers and the whole nine yards to deal with when the kid comes home and pets don’t know whats going on. The new baby may seem like nothing more than a new play toy from

Down Boy!

Children love animals and some animals’ love children. Unfortunately, even well behaved pets can be a bit too frisky for newborn babies. So how do you help the family cats and/or dogs safely bond with the new baby? There are several things you can do to keep your baby safe and help your pets enjoy the newest member of the family.

Feeling Left Out

You may have heard about new dads feeling left out when the new baby comes home. Like I said, everyone’s attention is on the new baby. But dad may not be the only one felling left out. If the new baby is the firstborn, he/she is taking a spot formerly held by family pets. Some pet owners go so far as to call their pets their children or babies. But when the new kid on the block has arrives, some family pets get relegated to support staff along with dad. This is where knowing your pet can help your baby and your pet bond. Let your pet know that they’re still loved. When possible, take time to play with them like you did before the new baby. Something like a new pet toy from PetSmart might serve as a good diversion for your pet.

A Medical Mutt

When I was a young boy I couldn’t eat corn because it would cause me to have Asthma. My doctor told my mother to buy me a dog to help me overcome these Asthma attacks. Apparently, the doctor told my mother that anxiety was causing my chest muscles to tighten which kept me from inhaling which caused a shortness of breath. Enter Frisky the mutt that helped me calm down and overcome my Asthma attacks. Bonding with Frisky the medical mutt really made a big difference in my life.

Good Dog Good Cat

The best-case scenario would be for your pet to be a good dog or good cat. Then you could have supervised bonding sessions where you introduce the baby and pet to one another. Over time you can show the toddler how to pet your cat or dog. Each situation will be different, so you have to read the relationship between your child and pet as they bond. The bonding process between a baby and a good dog or a good cat could be safe and easy.


Pet’s can be territorial so you may have to establish your home as your child’s territory. You could do something like making it clear that your dog can’t go into the nursery. This will be extra work but it’s worth it. As your child gets older and bigger, the child and pet can start sharing the house. Obviously the size of your pet plays a big role in all of this.

The Jealous Type

Knowing if your pets are jealous types or not will help you know whether or not to keep the baby and pets separated or not. You should always keep a close eye on very young children and pets. Sometimes this is for your pet’s safety but you especially want to make sure babies and young children are safe from pets. Your pets’ temperament is important to the bonding process. If your pet’s the jealous type, you may want to consider keeping your pet in a roomy cage, outside on an enclosed porch if you can do that.

Mans Best Friend

Everyone knows how finicky cats can be and how some dogs are naturally friendly and protective and others are very aggressive. You have to accept the fact that some pets aren’t going to share the limelight with a new baby. But with good supervision, most children and pets become best friends. There’s a reason that we call dogs, mans best friend. Maybe it’s because we help baby and pets bond.