Helpful Tips on Preventing a Cold

How to prevent a cold

The common cold is one of the most common illnesses, and this doesn’t make the symptoms any less annoying: not being able to breathe properly, sneezing, coughing, feeling tired, and oftentimes not being able to speak prevent us from performing such basic functions, that come to think of it, none of us can really afford to catch a cold anymore! Colds are caused by over 200 varieties of virus, and it is said that no two colds are alike.

Prevent Illness

However, this illness is quite easy to prevent. To learn how to spare us a cold, we first have to understand how it can be acquired: cold-causing viruses are spread through tiny droplets of mucus or saliva that are expelled from a person as they sneeze or cough. These droplets can travel at such a high velocity and such a great distance, that it is almost impossible to avoid them when you’re in a closed environment with an infected person. The viruses can also remain on surfaces where that an infected person has come in contact with. We, often unknowingly, touch these surfaces and then proceed to touch our eyes, nose, or mouth. All are fine entries into our bodies.

It might be hard to avoid exposure to these viruses, but it is not impossible to prevent them from manifesting themselves in the form of an illness.

Tips to prevent illness

1. Keep surfaces clean: from tabletops to doorknobs, and from light switches to keyboards, all are perfect surfaces that are often touched by many people. They can harbor viruses and keep them alive for quite some time. Remember to wipe all these surfaces often with a disinfectant solution and disposable wipes. Which brings us to our next tip:
2. Use as many disposable items as possible: especially if someone you live with is infected, it is important to prevent person-to-person infection and the accidental spread of the virus from sharing things commonly found in the kitchen. Also, use paper towels and throw all tissues away after using them.
3. Wash your hands regularly: especially if you’ve been in public places, carry hand sanitizer with you at all times in case you encounter someone with an infection.
4. Don’t touch your face: especially if you are around people or contaminated surfaces, and pay special care not to touch your lips, nose, and eyes.
5. A healthy lifestyle is key: make sure to eat a wide array of fruits and vegetables, exercise every day, and get a good night’s sleep every night to ensure your immune system is ready to battle any virus that sneaks in there. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, which can irritate your respiratory ducts and make you more vulnerable to infections.
6. Avoid stress: Being under stress can push your mind and body to limits it is not prepared for. You might end up feeling exhausted, tired, and weakened, which are signs that you need to take a break and rest to avoid the risk of catching a cold.


Surely these tips will help you keep yourself healthy even during the winter. Always keep them in mind, and remember that adapting them into your daily lifestyle all year-round is the best way to stay healthy at all times.