News Hen Do 'Do’s and Don’ts'

Hen Do 'Do’s and Don’ts'


I was given the dubious honour of organising my friend Lauren’s hen do. I say dubious because it turned out to be much harder work than I’d previously imagined. Still, after tears and tantrums (all mine, non of the brides!), an amazing time was had by the bride and her gaggle of best girlfriends (all 14 of them!) in sunny Barcelona. Here are my top do’s and don’ts for organising a cracking hen do!

Hen Do 'Do’s and Don’ts'

Hen Do ‘Do’s’

Do Know Your Audience
It’s so important to know your audience when organising any group getaway or event. Especially so when it comes to hen parties where it’s likely that you’ll have a mixed bag of ages and personalities. I had to keep everyone happy from the bride’s mum to her 18 year old cousin, so it was important not to go down the raucous clubbing route (or at least plan an alternative). For example, during the evenings I planned a meal followed by cocktails followed by a club, so those who didn’t fancy clubbing could go back to the apartment after cocktails for an early night.

Do Get Everyone Involved
This is especially applicable to those with a strong connection to the bride. For example, if she has another best friend or is very close to her mum then it might be a good idea to run some ideas past these other significant people in her life. This also gives you a great opportunity to delegate – for example, get her crafty mate working on itineraries, and her foodie mate researching restaurants.

Do Become A Meticulous Planner
You might want to get other friends involved with some of the itinerary stuff, but it will be squarely your responsibility to arrange flights (if applicable), accommodation and travel insurance for the whole party. Probably the least enjoyable part of the trip – and the most difficult to arrange so pick sites that make this easier for you (Sky Scanner,, Insure and Away).

Hen Do ‘Don’ts’

Hen Do 'Do’s and Don’ts'Don’t Get Bossy (Unless You Need to Be)
You don’t want to be the one everyone avoids while away because you’ve managed to antagonise them during the planning stage. Be firm when it comes to paying deposits and making arrangements, but make sure that everyone has as much or as little involvement as they want.

Don’t Go Down the Tacky Route
We’re all a bit over the tacky L Plate hen do. However, don’t get too serious. Instead of doing the whole stripper thing, why not hire a butler in the buff to serve drinks in your apartment, or book a burlesque lesson? Keep things slightly naughty but not full on filthy – especially if mum is going too!

Don’t Cram Too Much In
When it comes to the itinerary make sure that there’s enough going on that you don’t get bored, but also be sure not to cram too much in that everything feels rushed. Strike the right balance and everyone’s likely to be able to enjoy a relaxed, fun, break away. Most importantly, the bride won’t be starting married life feeling frazzled!

Hen Do 'Do’s and Don’ts'
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