Herbal and Home remedies for Lichen Planus

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Lichen Planus

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Lichen Planus is an inflammatory disorder of the skin and mucous membranes, of unknown origin, characterized by violaceous, scaling, angular papules on the flexor surfaces of the skin, and in the mouth, usually resolving in 1 to 2 years; considered to be a cell-mediated autoimmune disorder.


Typical striae lesions—Violaceous, flat-topped, polyhedral papules with a firmly attached scale. Faint streaks on the surface of the lesions can be seen with a lens (Wickham’ s striae). Lesions are produced at sites of trauma (Koebner phenomenon). In the mouth, it appears as spots, streaks, or a lacy -network. Sites

—usually bilateral and symmetrical: front of the wrists, flexor surface of forearms, shins, lower back and genitalia are the common sites. Itching severe at times. Mucous membrane lesions — are present in 65/6 of patients. These are white reticulate areas seen on inner cheek, tongue, glans penis or vulva.

varieties :

1. Annular lichen planus — Ringed lesions.

2. Hypertrophic lichen planus —Thick plaques at the above sites.

3. Linear form — along the nerves.

4. Lichen planopilaris — Follicular papules with spines.

5. Acute generalized lichen planus — Acute onset with involvement of the entire body in a few days.

6. Vesicobullous form.

7. Atrophic form — lesions heal with atrophy.

8. Actinic lichen planus – occurs in sun exposed areas.

course : The natural course of the disease is spontaneous remission, but this may take several months.


1. Soothing lotions or creams

2. Topical retinoic acid for prolonged use.

Along with soothing measures like bathing and applying wet dressings to the affected areas, here are some generalized homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus:

Arsenic Iodatum: Is prescribed when the skin is dry, scaly and itching. There is severe exfoliation exposing a red, raw surface beneath.

Antim Crud: In cases, where the tongue is coated a thick white, as if white washed. There is sub-acute eczema about the mouth, and the skin is dry.

Sulphur Iodatum: This is given fro Lichen Planus formation with severe itching.

  1. Caring for your skin during a lichen planusoutbreak can be done easily at home with natural remedies. Usingcolloidal oatmeal while soaking in a warm bath several times a day mayhelp alleviate the itch associated withskin lichen planus.
  2. Applying acold compress to the affected skin area can cool the rash and cut downon the itch.

Practicing good oral hygiene may helpprevent infection. Flossing your teeth and brushing might help decreasethe symptoms associated with oral lichen planus. Visiting your dentistand family physician regularly can help keep your mouth healthier.

Home remedies for Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

Herbal and Home remedies for Lichen Planus, Seekyt Lichen Planus

A couple of lifestyle adjustments and home remedies to compliment your lichen planus medication regime are:

  • cut out spicy or acidic foods if they worsen symptoms
  • keep your mouth clean to reduce symptoms and help prevent infection
  • avoid alcohol & tobacco products because they irritate your mouth and further increase your risk of oral cancer

Your initial attack may last for weeks to months, and come and gofor years. After your lichen planus skin bumps heal, they may leave a dark brown spot. They are not scars. Slowly they will fade away.

Also, lichen planus of your scalp must be treated right away or the lost hair might never grow back.

Pay a visit to your health care professional to find out for sure ifyour skin bumps or mouth lesions are actually lichen planus.

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Herbal and Home remedies for Lichen Planus, Seekyt
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