Here is how much does a baby cost per month

Here is how much does a baby cost per month

I decided to calculate overhead on how much actually does a baby cost per month, to really see how much it costs per month in the worst case.

Here are my accounts (I have brought prices of Caprabo ) for a baby like mine a year and a bit:

Diapers, Dodot Activity Plus are the most expensive and cost much per month. The package costs 14.99 euros 48 units.

Putting 6 diapers a day, it takes 180 diapers. Representing approximately 56.22 euros.

Suppose we spend a couple of wet wipes for diaper change. A pack of 378 wipes of the same brand is worth 10.80 euros.

Here is how much does a baby cost per month

Food. We will calculate that always eats baby food industry, which is also the most expensive. And that is your daily menu: breakfast cereal, two jars of meat or fish with vegetables for lunch and dinner, two yogurts for dessert and a fruit snack jar.

Ie for all month put two boxes of cereal, a large plastic milk powder then, 90 jars and 60 yogurts.

The jar of baby Hero 250 grams worth 0.93. The porridge with honey 4 euros. The boat 11.70 Nestle milk and yogurt from Danone Baby 2.99 four units.

Feeding amount 148.25 euros per month.

Clothing. 200 euros per season, which would be an average of about 50 euros a month (winter clothing is more expensive).

Creams. A bottle of balsamic for the butt, a bottle of shampoo and a moisturizing body Nenuco add 12.34. Although it is impossible to spend a boat a month, last much more.

THE SUM OF ALL costs IS 277.61 EUROS.

I left out the more money it costs: a nursery or a person caring for him at home. An amount that by my surroundings ranges between 400 and 800 euros per month.

This explains why many moms ask leave or reduced working hours (or even stop working) and you pull both of the grandparents.

The original outfit (car, bath, furniture …) I have not joined, although I will make another post about it. In my case, I inherited a lot and gave me as much, the truth is that there was almost nothing.

In my case, taking into account that not spending so much on outings, movies, drinks, foreign travel and weekend getaways and I have less time to walk around the shops looking rags, with my small savings almost.