Here is how much does a breast reduction cost

Know how much does a breast reduction cost

Aesthetic and functional reasons lead to a woman who has an exaggerated development in the size of their breasts (breast hypertrophy) to consult the plastic surgeon, so how much does a breast reduction cost. Aesthetic reasons strongly altered self-image of the patient, because it awakens feelings of physical unattractiveness, shame, shyness, determines that the patient is inhibited and not want to go to the beach, the gym, lose some believe even sex appeal and femininity.

Here are the approximate costs involved in breast reduction plastic surgery

In Texas breast reduction will approximately cost you $10500
In Florida breast reduction will approximately cost you $10000
In New York breast reduction will approximately cost you $11500

It’s always advisable to negotiate with your doctor on costs and hospitals before you go for surgery

Functional causes trouble because it produces physical and neck pain, back pain and shoulder pains. Postural disturbance because they force your shoulders forward and wanting to hide her breasts. It also produces breast pain, infection in the upper bodyy region with ‘bad smell. They are usually patients who have a hard time finding clothes to suit you and clothes that are attractive. Buy clothing that hides his physical defect, but in fact the clothing gives them unattractive appearance. For all those reasons, plastic surgery for breast reduction, is the only treatment that can beneficiary these patients.
Benefits for removing excess weight and reduce breast, which improves posture and in turn produces a sleeker body contour.
Plastic surgery for breast reduction will benefit you if:
• have between 17 and 60
• with very large and heavy breasts
• if you produce these breast pain and weight in the back, shoulders and neck.
• poor posture in the shoulders (shoulder forced position forward) and in the column.
• You’re always trying to hide the size of your breasts wearing clothes too big.
• I cannot really operate on you if I see that I cannot reach your expectations. Impossible to operate people with expectations and hype. I invite you to read this website the chapter on ‘Psychological Issues in Plastic Surgery on breast reduction’ .
• If your general health (particularly cardiovascular) and mental health does not.
• Those patients who smoke should quit smoking completely as minomo a month, since they can produce operation eta tissue loss (necrosis).
• Patients addicted to alcohol and drugs.
• Patients who do not accept the final scar proposed to them. These operations always leave scars and scars quality depends on several factors often unpredictable.
Surgical goals:
• Surgical correction of breast reduction in low cost, resection of excess tissue, with open techniques.
• Produce breasts firm and an attractive way.
• Establish a better relationship between height, position, size and symmetry of the breasts.
• Preservation of sensitivity.
• Techniques with scars as short as possible and of good quality.
Planning my breast reduction surgery with your budget and low cost:
Before the operation,
• After performing a complete medical history, you will be given in writing the proposed amendments do in your breasts. Medical history interests me mainly record:
o Degree of redundancy and sagging skin in breast.
o Stretch marks.
o Distribution of adipose tissue.
o Degree of hypertrophy.
o Degree of ptosis. Hypertrophy often co exists more breast ptosis.
o Analysis of nipple-areola complex (size, shape, position).
o sensitivity
o Always carry a photo session as part of the comprehensive study before breast reduction. No photographs ever operate. But it is very important to remember that all information in writing about the end result is always an approximation and never a precise pattern.
o Between you and me as a patient and plastic surgeon we agree with the possible result to be obtained.
o Systematically ask routine clinical chemistry.
o If you have any illness, flu or taking the menstrual period, we will convey it 3 days before.
o Before the day of surgery to avoid all alcoholic beverages.
o Avoid any diet drug and aspirin for a period of 15 days before the operation.
o You should schedule your social and domestic activities from the 2 weeks after surgery; long as such activities do not require effort embers.
o Physical exercise intensity to your breasts gradually and intensively only to work out of two months of sugary.
• Epidural anesthesia of choice.
• Sometimes general anesthesia.
• The surgical techniques we use depend on the individual analysis of each patient.
• Basically important to consider:
o the type of scar end,
o the method of transposition of the nipple-areola complex,
o the type of pedicle circulatory
o the locations of breast parenchyma resections
o and shapes of resections.
o For mild hypertrophy, usually employ the technique of Arie with final modifications Minimizing scars. It remodels the parenchyma by simple approximation of the piers and compensates for the excision of excess skin, laterally inverted L-shaped or I.
o To moderate hypertrophy, usually employ the technique of Pitanguy, parenchymal resection keel upper pedicle, and inverted T end scar.
o To hypertrophies large with breast whose base is large and the excess skin is important, we use the technique of lower pedicle.
o For soar breast hypertrophy and large, before low cost surgery doctors also apply the prior art. Exceptionally apply the technique as it does not get a proper projection. The use in tubular breast.
o Estimated operating time varies between 2 and 4 hours. Hospitalization 24 hours.
o Optional drain. If used, it is removed within 48 hours and 5 days depending on how much give.
• Bed rest the first 24 hours.
• After the first 24 hours you will start to wander.
• I feed him with foods rich in protein and rich in vitamin C, but never exaggerated meals.
• Maintain a first occlusive dressing is removed the first 24 hours.
• No worry about the pile days:
o the presence of ecchymosis and edema (swelling), which may be more marked the second day.
o A tight feeling upset when the arm is raised.
o The drain is removed within 48 hours and 5 days depending on how much you give.
o If it bothers you shall take painkillers, but never aspirin because it makes you bleed.
o We prophylactic antibiotic therapy, which started during the operation.
o At 2 – 3 days bathroom.
o Stitches are removed at various times, between day 8 and 12 th days.
o Compressive always cures are performed every 3 days for 2 weeks.
o After 10 days, indicated 10 sessions of lymphatic drainage, to accelerate the recovery process and eliminate toxins and activate local circulation.
o For about 30 days indicated an elastic mesh that compresses effectively and evenly.
o As the days pass I feel anger getting better. But be careful, because this initial euphoria can produce certain disorders in soar breast. Beware of immediate serious efforts especially of the arms which have often caused dehiscence of sutures.
o Of any complications can arise not return to normal activities after the third week. Driving your car after 30 days.
o Mild exercise after 15 days, type walks. Exercise involving work the chest from the 45 to 60 days.
o Changes in sensitivity (hyper-or hyposensitivity) are recalled in several months.
o The scars are hidden by your underwear or bathing suit. Usually they improve over DE1 and 2 years, but are permanent. This kind of low cost breast reduction sugary depending on many factors among which are genetic).
o Avoid sun exposure for three months after low cost breast reduction surgery
o It is logical for the anxiety to reach the final result a short period of emotional depression in the early days can suffer. But this is temporary. Be patient and fundamental.
o After 6 to 8 months of breast reduction treatment you can get a rough idea of the final outcome. But the scars still remain a reddish color and begin to fade until after 6 months (period ranging from 1 to 2 years).
Final results:

how much does a breast reduction cost

Generally the results are in accordance with plans. Over 95% of women are very satisfied with the results achieved in the long term, despite the scars. They feel better about their new image, your breasts proportionate, more harmonious, more self confidence .
With the above techniques, while preserving the breast physiology for both future and for breastfeeding nipple soreness. Never consider as final any results before the 12 to 18 months after breast reduction.
Possible complications:
• They are very rare. Though remember there is no safe breast reduction plastic surgery in low cost Nor without complication plastic surgery possible.
• Patients who smoke have higher complication in post breast reduction treatment
• The infection is rare. We also perform antibiotic prophylaxis starting during the operation.
• Hematomas (0.4%). Will drain to present.
• Small losses of the skin (3.4%) in breast area.
• Circulatory disturbances nipple-areola complex and changes in sensitivity (1%).
• Disfiguring scars, hypertrophic and keloid (1.4%).
• Contingency will be subject to any subsequent corrections by surgical revisions, in favor of the intended result.