Here is the list of top applications or uses of Polyurethane:

Polyurethane In Automotive

Polyurethanes are used in cars and makes car seats comfortable, interior “headline” ceiling sections, the car body, bumpers, windows and spoilers, doors all use polyurethanes. Besides, it enables manufacturers to give drivers and passengers considerably more automobile “mileage” by cutting weight and increasing fuel economy, corrosion resistance, comfort and insulation.

Polyurethane In Medical

Usually, polyurethanes are used in lots of medical applications such as catheter and general purpose tubing, wound dressings, surgical drapes, hospital bedding, and different injection-molded devices. However, their most common use is in short-term implants. Medical applications can be inexpensive and provide for more toughness. With longevity due t0 polyurethane use.

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Polyurethane In Packaging

Coating PPF (Polyurethane packaging foam) can provide cost-effective and form-fitting cushioning that protects products that need to stay safely in place during transit. Polyurethane packaging foam is extensively used to protect and shipping many items like medical diagnostic equipment, delicate glassware, electronic and large industrial parts. PPF can save time and be more cost-efficient by providing a custom-fit container with each loading.

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Polyurethane In Building And Construction

Today, homes are demanding high-performance materials that are strong, lightweight, durable, easily installed, perform well and versatile. Polyurethane helps preserve the environment by cutting energy usage, and is frequently used in building and construction applications with its great strength-to-weight ratio, durability and versatility. The affordability and comfort of these versatile materials provided homeowners have made the polyurethane component part everywhere in the homes.

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Polyurethane In Flooring

Polyurethanes can make the floors more durable, and easier to maintain and aesthetically charming, either as a coating or as a foam underlay. Applying flexible polyurethane foam like a carpet underlay in commercial or residential applications can increase the lifespan of the carpet as well as protect its appearance, provide added comfort and support.

Polyurethane In Furnishings

Polyurethane is one of the most popular materials used in home furnishings like bedding, carpet underlay and furniture, mostly in the form of flexible foam. Flexible polyurethane foam works to make furniture items more durable, supportive and comfortable.

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Besides the above mentioned application, there are money other applications of polyurethane, including Appliances, Apparel, Composite Wood and Marine.