News He's Getting Away With It!!!

He's Getting Away With It!!!


My sister came in my bedroom, to give me my money that I asked her, to withdraw from my account and she saw this box on my bed, and she asked me what was it, I told her it was a survey this company wanted me to try, and they were paying me for trying it, I would get paid $50 for trying this product for them and I ha e to fill out this survey, every morning after I use their product, and tell them how it works for me,well after I told my sister I would be earning money, from this product and I would have the money for our vacation, she told me she won’t be able to go because, she doesn’t have any money and I got angry, right then because I knew why, she didn’t have any money it is because, of my brother our rent goes up in June, and that is when we are suppose to leave, and my brother won’t pay his share of the rent, my sister ends up paying it, that is why she is so broke most of then time, but he has the nerve to always, want to use my sister’s car to run here and there, with his female friend and he take his money, and do what he want to do with it,like this is suppose to make up for him, not paying his share of the rent, I wouldn’t let him get away with him, our rent is going up and now Our vacation will be cancelled, because of my brother, what ever bad happens to him he brings it on himself, he thinks he is so funny with him dull jokes, I don’t find anything he does funny, that is why things are not going right for him, because he is not a honest person, and people who are not honest go through a lot of bad things, they may not think so but they do, and they wonder why all these bad things, are happening to them, my brother brings a lot of things on himself, like when I was in the hospital he told this nurse, that we were from an other country, I told her were were not from another country,we were born here in the United States, she said there has to be some misunderstanding, no there wasn’t my brother is just a big liar.

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He's Getting Away With It!!!
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