News Hewlett Packard to Release Their HP TouchPad in Summer...

Hewlett Packard to Release Their HP TouchPad in Summer 2011


Hewlett Packard will be releasing a tablet computer in summer 2011 that will, without a doubt, be a challenge towards a market dominated by Apple.

HP’s TouchPad will have a few similarities to the iPad with it’s 9.7-inch screen at 768×1024 resolution and is lightweight. Also, the TouchPad will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor at 1.2GHz, have a 1.3-megapixel camera, an accelerometer, stereo speakers, a magnetometer and a gyroscope. The HP TouchPad will run off the Palm webOS. Its spacious screen space and feature, called ‘activity cards’ make it easy to switch between the apps you have running. You can also group related ‘cards’ in stacks or have them sort automatically. The 1.3-megapixel camera will allow you to have a face-to-face video chat with friends and family through will the picture-in-picture like feature. As for working with documents you’ll have access to Google Docs or and have the capability to print to compatible printers wirelessly.

Not only that but the TouchPad will come features known as Notifications which will notify the user when they have new messages and such to make it easier to multitask with the device. The keyboard on the TouchPad will be resizable so it can be easily adjusted to fit your hands. If you have a compatible smartphone, such as the Veer or HP Pre 3, you’ll be able to access your messages through the HP TouchPad. You’ll be able to access sites that require Adobe Flash also since the TouchPad comes with Adobe Flash Player 10.1. You can also watch movies, listen to music and play games on the HP TouchPad

One big must for any portable device these days is photo sharing. And the HP TouchPad comes with that ability too. You’ll be able update your status on Facebook and many other social networks with or without photos. Lastly, with the Palm webOS, you’ll be able to search through all your texts and contacts instantly using the Just Type feature of the Hewlett Packard TouchPad.

All in all the TouchPad has the makings of being a good competition for the iPad and has many of the same features. Yet only time will tell after its release on how popular it will become and if it lives up to its promises. I know, for one, that i look forward to seeing how it performs both in terms of sale wise and as a tablet computer. I hold high hopes since it’s made by HP.

Hewlett Packard to Release Their HP TouchPad in Summer 2011
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