Hexagonal Boron Nitride: A Boon From Nano Technology To Make Life Better!

Boron nitride is a nano product with equal number of boron and nitrogen, with chemical formula BN. Due to its structure similar to a carbon lattice; they are available in many crystalline forms.

In its hexagonal form this white slippery solid with layered structure is similar to graphite and they are very stable and softest. Due to its color they are confusingly called as white graphite. Hence they are used as a lubricant and preparation of cosmetic products.

They are good lubricants both in low and high temperatures. When the electrical conductivity or chemical reactivity of graphite lubricant can lead to problems, there hexagonal boron nitride are used and replaces graphite. Another advantage of hexagonal BN over graphite is that they can be used in vacuum without water or gas. Hence these can be used in space as a lubricant for the parts of machines or tools.

Being good insulator and chemically inert, they have high level of chemical stability and very unreactive. They also have excellent thermal stability, thermal shock stability, because of which the boron nitride ceramics are used along with equipments of high temperature of melting range is 2700-3000 C. They are known for their stability in air to 1000 C whereas other carbon graphite based materials would have ended up ignited.

Nano technology reaches the nano th level of the particular atom and enhances its features there by creating amazing options with its usage in various fields.

* With its excellent features, following are the areas of its applications.
* Used in cosmetics like foundations, make-up, eye shadows, blushers, kohl pencils, lipstick etc.
* Used in skin care and other related products.
* Used in semi conductors, micro wave transparent windows.
* Used in xerographic process and laser printers as charge leakage barrier layers.
* Used in automotive industry as binders for sealing oxygen sensors.
* Used in dental field in ceramics.
* Used in resins, alloys, plastics and rubbers for lubrication.

When you decide to buy the nano BN, it if is for the first time; do some research on the same. A simple online search can give you the details on the same. Knowing about the properties, features and applications of the BN is very important to decide how it can be useful for your business needs.

After understanding about the BN and its properties, finding the right manufacturer and dealer is the next step. The boron nitride comes in 70 nanometer size and at 99.5 percent purity form, apt for application in all the areas.

Finding the right supplier who gives you quality product with good service is important. Certain suppliers also provides with online ordering option. With the online shopping or ordering one can place the orders in few minutes and the product will reach you at your door step.

Resource: I am Samar, a technical writer, interested in knowing latest technologies and about its benefits to the human world. Recently I got a chance to research on Nano technology and write about one of its products Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Very much amazed with its benefits!