Hidden Dangers in Your Home That You Don't Know About

You might think that your home is a great place and it might be, your home is your home and you should look at it as an investment. But insurance claims can be a pain in the but and some of them you don’t want to deal with.

In your laundry room remember to clean out your dryer vent to prevent fires in your home. The last thing you need is to come home to a bunch of ashes because of your dryer.

Keep your doors and windows secure so that you don’t have intruders coming into your home at ungodly hours of the night, having insurance will keep your valuable stuff safe. Maybe get an alarm system installed to keep people from coming into your home.

Outside make sure that your landscaping is taken care of the last thing you want happening during a bad storm is to have a tree land on your home that would not be fun late at night.

In your kitchen make sure its safe enough to cook and avoid kitchen fires. Look at your basement oil furance if you have one so that you can avoid puff backs. Check your plumbing yearly for leaks and if you can’t do it yourself have a plumber come out, the money you can save by doing that might be more of a cost savings than you think. Have your chimney cleaned yearly just like your plumbing, that also goes for wood stoves too.

Your garage can be a place that often have a fire if there is too much clutter so around spring time maybe clean out your garage just for safety reasons. You spent a lot of time getting that house take care of it.

Check your roof, water can seep in for months and create mold in your home and mold can be bad not only for your home but for your health too.

Checking out these problems yearly can help you save money on your insurance and help you stay up to date with your home. Following these tips can help you be a better homeowner.